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New mobile scanners have optimized work processes at jem & fix

As Denmark’s only low-price DIY chain, jem & fix focuses on cutting all unnecessary expenses to ensure the lowest price for the customer. Here, a collaboration with Delfi Technologies helps ensure that daily tasks can be completed more easily and quickly through the use of handheld terminals.

Characterized by a wide range of products at competitive prices and simple, clear store layouts, jem & fix offers everything from building materials to garden equipment and everyday household needs.

As Denmark’s only DIY chain, jem & fix also has a sharp focus on eliminating unnecessary costs to ensure the lowest prices for customers. This requires straight and efficient work processes in the stores. Here, Delfi Technologies plays a central role in ensuring faster and more intuitive daily task solutions.

Therefore, jem & fix has implemented a retail solution with Datalogic Memor 11 handheld terminals, tailored to daily tasks in the retail environment, which have proven to be a crucial factor for the chain in their efforts to optimize work processes in the stores.

"Our employees can better work with the processes. So, we have definitely seen an improvement in our daily operations."

Johnny Henningsen Store Manager at jem & fix in Tårnby, Denmark

Increased efficiency in the stores

According to Johnny Henningsen, Store Manager at jem & fix in Tårnby (Denmark), the implementation of the retail solution from Delfi Technologies is a step towards achieving greater efficiency in the stores, as it has become easier and faster for employees to handle the daily tasks in the store.

– Our employees can better work with the processes. So, we have definitely seen an improvement in our daily operations, he says.

The handheld terminals support the staff with various administrative tasks such as goods receipt, ordering of goods, daily status updates, consumption registration, and markdown of goods.

From an app on the handheld terminals, the staff can also access specific product information, including stock status, adjustment of stock quantities, printing of signs, updates on deliveries, and availability of goods in other stores.

A particularly useful feature is the ability to check real-time stock status. If a customer asks for a product that is not on the shelf, employees can simply scan the barcode to identify the product’s location, even if it is stored away on a pallet.

– If it happens that a customer asks for a specific item, but the shelf is empty, I just go down and scan it, and then I can see that there are some on pallet 1001 – I then go and fetch it for the customer, says Oliver Jonas Arnbo, employee at jem & fix in Tårnby.

Robustness is an additional advantage

One of the crucial advantages of the new Datalogic Memor 11 scanners is their robustness. Even if a scanner falls on the floor in the store, the devices can withstand the shocks that may come. This ensures continuous operation, even in a hectic environment.

– Even if we drop it, and it happens occasionally with the daily routine we have, nothing actually happens to them. So, they really take the shocks that come, says Johnny Henningsen.

Datalogic Memor 11 is a robust mobile handheld terminal/PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) designed for professional use in retail, logistics, inventory management, and similar areas. This device combines advanced scanning and data collection features with durability and user-friendliness.

Another advantage of these scanners is their long battery life, ensuring good uptime in the store. Even if you forget to charge the scanners one evening, they can still function the next day due to their impressive battery life.

– The advantage is also that even if we forget to charge the scanners one evening, they still run the next day because the battery life is actually quite long. So, it is definitely another improvement in daily life, explains Johnny Henningsen.

Great flexibility in daily routines

The scanners offer great flexibility in daily work, where it is also possible for employees to manage freetrailers, which is a service that allows customers to borrow a trailer for free for a limited period when shopping in a jem & fix store.

At the same time, it is simple and quick for employees to handle goods receipt in an efficient manner. During goods receipt, employees only need to open the app and register the arrival.

It is also easy to create new shelf edges by simply scanning the item and pressing the price to print a new label on the store’s label printer. Overall, the new store solution has significantly improved daily routines and made work processes more efficient and hassle-free in jem & fix stores.

About jem & fix

jem & fix is Denmark’s only low-price DIY store and a Danish, family-owned company headquartered in Vejle with over 2600 employees distributed in nearly 129 stores in Denmark, 68 stores in Sweden, and 15 stores in Norway. For several years in a row, jem & fix has been voted Denmark’s cheapest hardware store by PriceRunner, partly because the chain cuts all expensive costs to ensure customers the lowest price.

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