Delfi EasyScan

Delfi EasyScan is a software solution aimed at the healthcare industry. The solution secures the patient's treatment from admission to discharge. On arrival, the patient receives a bracelet with a barcode indicating the patient's social security number. By scanning the bracelet, staff and the system ensure that the treatment and patient match up. For example, before a blood infusion is given, it is ensured that the barcode on the blood bag and the barcode on the patient's bracelet is matching.

The software simultaneously streamlines work flows. With the help of fewer clicks and direct links in the clinical systems, staff save many resources. The released time can therefore easily be converted to care and spent with patients. Get in touch with one of our healthcare consultants and learn more about the possibilities with Delfi EasyScan;

  • Consultant Henrik Bang, phone: +45 2819 6561
  • Consultant Morten Stolshøj, phone: +45 2819 6554


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