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Breece System - electronic shelf labels

Breece System is a dynamic solution for in-store communication that drives different media in the store. At the touch of a button, our dynamic solution portfolio with electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) lets you launch promotions easily, anywhere - in seconds.


Innovative ICA store triples revenue

PDA solution provides complete control of packages

Software solutions for handheld

We can give you the best handheld solution with the right combination of hardware, software and service.


Print solutions

We offer a wide range of print solutions, whether it is large poster print or label print - altogether we have the hardware and software to meet your needs.


We are Global

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  • Ude foran Min Købmand i Bjerregaard

    Successful local grocery store: Here is the reci...

    Many small local grocery stores have difficulty getting a profitable business, but in the Danish cottage area between Nymindegab and Hvide Sande, the local Min Købmand store in Bjerregaard has found the recipe to be succes
  • Lager Electro Energy

    Electro Energy gains profit through efficient in...

    After having replaced paper with a digital inventory solution, the technical wholesale company, Electro Energy, has achieved a more efficient inventory count, which has also contributed to a greater profit.
  • Selvbetjening 24/7 hos Electro Energy

    24/7 self-service saves time and increases custo...

    The technical wholesale company, Electro Energy, has introduced a 24/7 self-service solution, which allows customers to pick up spare parts around the clock - all year round.
  • Denmark's oldest chocolate factory from 189...

    Kathrine Andersen Chocolate has moved into brand new and modern premises in Soeften northwest of Aarhus.
  • Christian Gulløv Electro Energy

    Electro Energy will continue its good growth –...

    Electro Energy, a technical wholesale company within energy solutions, has ambitions to continue the good growth and develop the business.
  • A warehouse solution for faster and easier inven...

    It must be easy to work with inventory management on a busy day in the warehouse and in stressful periods with pressure on both the order flow and receipt of goods.
  • Rugged tablets create value as indispensable wor...

    With distribution centers throughout Vietnam and a large customer database, BP Castrol sells leading oil products to the Vietnamese market.
  • Irma - Denmark's oldest grocery chain has o...

    At the same time Irma, a Danish grocery chain, could celebrate its 133rd birthday, the chain also opened a new flagship store at Østerport station in Copenhagen.
  • Smart ticket solutions for Danish football clubs...

    In collaboration, Delfi Technologies and NewC solve the need for an efficient management of tickets and access control that links online and physical channels together.
  • Easy and timesaving passenger handling with barc...

    Operating all Vietnamese railways, Vietnam Railway Corporation handles many passengers across the country. It is therefore crucial to be efficient and keep track of passenger details and seats.