Eventyrsport is ready with a completely new store concept

The rapid development in the retail sector is no exception for Eventyrsport, which has recently merged with Racingdenmark and has introduced a completely new store concept with a focus on unique customer experiences. As part of the store concept, electronic shelf labels play a crucial role for both employees and customers.

One of the biggest steps has been taken in the history of Eventyrsport, which has been merged with Racingdenmark as of 1 July 2020. With Racingdenmark, as specialists in running experiences and Eventyrsport as Denmark’s largest chain wihin outdoor, the best of both worlds will be combined in the future under the Eventyrsport brand.

The first physical offshoot of the merger between the two chains can be found in Silkeborg, where Eventyrsport has opened a brand new 1,200 square meter flagship store with a new store concept. Here, the two concepts are united under a strong community, with equipment and advice for great experiences in nature.

It is therefore also the nature that is the focal point for the launch of the new store concept, which offers an adventure for sports and outdoor people. In the store, all parameters have been in use in relation to store design, concept, and special experiences. Since the opening on October 10, 2020, the store has got a flying start with an impressive customer flow.

"We quickly found out that Eventyrsport and Racing Denmark are very similar with our passion for nature. In that context, we could see some clear benefits of uniting the two worlds and offering a combined store concept for outdoor and running."

Emil Holtet Søgaard, Retail manager at Eventyrsport


In both the new store and in the existing Eventyrsport stores, there is a great interaction with the web shop, which works as an external warehouse. In the stores, there is a PC that the staff can use for product lookup with the customer, e.g. if a given item is not in stock in the store but is in stock at the web shop.

Customers must choose to go and shop in the stores through special experiences, competent advice, and an inspiring omnichannel universe that ensures customers a good experience across all channels.

As an additional element, to build a bridge between the web shop and the stores, Eventyrsport has installed electronic shelf labels in all the stores. The special focus on digital experiences must provide an extended shopping experience, as customers often start their journey online today.

Also, Emil Holtet Søgaard explains that it used to take up to 3-4 days for a staff member to prepare the store for new campaigns. Therefore, the staff also get a better experience via electronic shelf labels.

– We experience large gains in time. It all happens right away now. The electronic shelf labels have given us a tool that binds the two worlds closely together, and through this, we have got several digital parameters to work with, he explains.


Before Eventyrsport implemented electronic shelf labels in the stores, all items had to be marked with a paper label upon the receipt of the goods. It took a lot of time, and there was also a greater risk of marking errors, as everything was done manually, and you could quickly make incorrect registrations.

– You achieve the full effect of electronic signage by installing it in all stores. We also see a significant gain in our inventory control in the stores, says Emil Holtet Søgaard and continues:

– Before, there was a greater risk of errors already in the receipt of the goods, where we had to label all items with a price label. That process now takes place digitally, and it eliminates many errors.


Eventyrsport brænder for at give gode oplevelser og tilbyder et bredt udvalg af stærke mærker inden for outdoorbeklædning- og udstyr. Senest er Eventyrsport fusioneret med Racingdenmark og kan nu tilbyde det rette grej, tøj og sko til løb med særligt fokus på trail- og terrænløb. Efter fusionen betyder det, at Eventyrsport-kæden beskæftiger 250 medarbejdere i 13 butikker i Jylland og på Sjælland.

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