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Leading Italian distributor teams up with Delfi Technologies

LP Distribuzione Bevande, a leading food and beverage distributor, has teamed up with Delfi Technologies and has implemented electronic shelf labels to update product information in its cash & carry shop.

With more than thirty years of experience, LP Distribuzione Bevande is a trusted partner that operates in the province of Catania and throughout Sicily. The distributor supplies the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant and catering) sector with thousands of different products.

The mission of the company is to be the most important connection channel between producer and final consumer of beverages and food intended for consumption away from home for Eastern Sicily.

The partnership with Delfi Technologies and the use of electronic shelf labels make it possible to create more time for customers and advice in the cash & carry shop.

Large product range is always updated

In the LP cash & carry shop in the provice of Catania, the many different customers from bars, restaurants, pizzerias, night clubs, catering, pubs and take aways can find a large assortment of drinks and food.

Thanks to a partnership with Delfi Technologies, the product information and prices on the products can automatically be updated, using electronic shelf labels and a wireless antenna to send out new data to the products.

The electronic shelf labels are connected directly with the ERP system in the store. When a price or product update takes place in the system, it will immediately be forwarded to the connected displays in the store.

A widely used ESL solution

The Breece System is developed Delfi Technologies, a European IT company that has been in the barcode business since 1988. Today, more than 15 mio. electronic shelf labels (ESL) have been deployed across more than 3.500 different locations.

Everything from supermarkets, DIY stores, pharmacies and meeting rooms are using the digital displays to save time and update information in real-time.

About LP Distribuzione Bevande

LP Distribuzione Bevande is a leading company in the sector with thirty years of experience. It operates in the province of Catania and throughout Sicily, particularly in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel, i.e. distribution for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, night clubs, catering, pubs, take aways. The product catalog boasts over two thousand references between drinks (waters, soft drinks, wines, sparkling wines, spirits) and food.

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