Boundaries between online and offline are becoming blurred says danish retailer

There is a growing trend for businesses to integrate their online universe with physical stores. And the trend is here to stay, because customers expect to get the same experience regardless of where they do their shopping. It requires planning down to the very last detail, and digital displays are part of the solution, according to the successful Danish online store Løbeshop.dk.


With an online presence since 2005, løbeshop.dk, Denmark’s leading online running, triathlon and cycling store, made an interesting choice last year which most traditional businesses find bizarre. As part of their expansion strategy, løbeshop.dk decided to establish a physical store.

“As a retail supplier, we are actually seeing a growing trend towards online stores going offline. The first stage of customers’ buying decision process is searching for information online, followed by going to a physical store for advice and guidance,” says Kim Hansen, Area Manager at Delfi.

"We must help customers find the best buys, both online and offline. Therefore, we have invested in electronic shelf labels in our stores to ensure immediate alignment with our online prices."

Rolf Andersen, co-owner of løbeshop.dk


”Our physical store in Aarhus is a way of responding to our customers’ wish to have both an online and in-store shopping option. Our approach to running a physical store is basically to think differently. We think in terms of integration, and our vision has always been to erase the boundaries between offline and online business,” says Rolf Andersen, co-owner of løbeshop.dk.

Nothing has been left to chance with the physical store. From the very beginning, løbeshop.dk intended to create a physical universe to be integrated with the digital universe with the aim of increasing recognisability and establishing loyalty.


“We must help customers find the best buys, both online and offline. Therefore, we have invested in electronic shelf labels in our store to ensure immediate alignment with our online prices. Just imagine if we had to change price labels manually several times a day – it could turn out to be quite chaotic,” says Rolf Andersen.


Løbeshop.dk was established in 2005. The founder and current director, Jonas Mørkøre Andersen, saw the possibilities of selling running shoes online. Today, Løbeshop.dk is owned and run by the Andersen family with its head office in Hadsten, which houses 35 talented employees. The range of goods has changed over time so that it is not only just running shoes today, but almost all running equipment for the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets.

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