Electronic shelf labels give costumers transparency and the right prices at the shelf edge

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in the physical stores can be a big challenge when you run a differentiated product strategy and want to offer customers a consistent experience and service across all channels. These are just some of the focus areas, when it comes to omni-channel at NiceHair, which is Denmark’s largest online retailer of well-known and popular beauty products. In addition to running an online shop, NiceHair also has two physical stores with hairdresser salon – NiceBeauty in Kolding and NiceBeauty in Esbjerg.

Omni-channel is highly prioritized at NiceHair. The ambition is clear; customers must have the same conditions – regardless of whether they shop online or in the stores. With the ambition of ensuring the same experience and price in all channels, NiceHair began investigating the market for digital shelf labels, as the company expanded its business to physical stores with hair salons two years ago. The choice fell on Delfi Technologies with Breece System and electronic shelf labels, which is currently installed at the NiceBeauty location in Kolding.

"We have an ambition about being transparent and offer our customers the same prices and the same service in all of our channels - and this is where electronic shelf labels can help us."

Tonny Nielsen Bruun, CEO at NiceHair


NiceHair has a large selection with 15.000 products at the online store, where prices and promotions get updated on a daily basis. Therefore, there must be a link to the shelves in the physical stores, where prices must match the same good prices online, even though NiceHair runs with a differentiated product range and selection of approx. 2000 products in their hair salons.

– We have an ambition about being transparent and offer our customers the same prices and the same service in all of our channels – and this is where electronic shelf labels can help us, says Tonny Nielsen Bruun, CEO at NiceHair.


– When we have the opportunity to run a promotion with 20% discount with a particular supplier, it should also be easy to adjust prices online and in-store. We have a lot of promotions and therefore we really have the need to update prices on a regular basis. At the same time, we must be competitive on a wide range of products and it also means many price changes. This is where electronic shelf labels give us a clear advantage, says Tonny enthusiastically.

In addition to offering the same price in the hairdressing salon as in the online store, NiceHair also offers the customers the option of exchanging or returning items in the hairdressing salons, even if the items were purchased in the online store. At the same time, it is also possible to order items online at and get the goods delivered for pickup in one of the hairdresser salons the following day.

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