NEYE donates all profits to charity

Today, many companies donate money to charity. At NEYE, the entire profit goes to a good cause. The NEYE Foundation has since 1977 earmarked the annual profit for cancer research. It has become 50 million DKK in the last 5 years alone.

The history of the NEYE chain dates to 1881 when the first store opened at Vimmelskaftet in Copenhagen. Today, NEYE is a market leader with a large selection of bags, backpacks, suitcases, and accessories. The NEYE Foundation’s slogan is “Bags with a purpose”. All employees at NEYE work with the overall purpose of running the stores to create profit that can be used for cancer research in Denmark.

To generate the greatest possible profit at the bottom line for charitable purposes, there must first and foremost be control of the business, and the day-to-day operations must be efficient. At the same time, the employees must be customer-oriented, so that they help to create a good experience and leave a positive impression to the customers.

Through a collaboration with the IT company Delfi Technologies, NEYE has therefore implemented a barcode solution with handheld terminals (model: Delfi Nova) and mobile label printers (model: Bixolon SPP-R200) ​​for price marking. The primary purpose of the solution is to make employees more mobile in their daily work so that they are not dependent on the cash register or the back office. Employees need to have more time to help customers along the way.

– At NEYE, we have a philosophy that employees must be customer-oriented. Therefore, it is an advantage if you can use IT and technology that supports that strategy – among other things by making employees’ work more mobile and flexible, so they can be where customers are rather than just behind the counter, tells Bent Panduro, IT Manager at NEYE.

"At NEYE, we have a philosophy that employees must be customer-oriented. Therefore, it is an advantage if you can use IT and technology that supports that strategy - among other things by making employees' work more mobile."

Bent Panduro, IT manager at NEYE


Good customer experience is crucial for NEYE. The better the customer experience, the better sales the stores experience, and thus more can be generated for the bottom line and cancer research in Denmark. Employees can more easily focus on the customer experience when there are time and profit between the daily tasks in the store – here the solution from Delfi Technologies helps.

The handheld terminals are fully integrated with NEYE’s ERP system. That means, among other things, that all product information is available directly on the handheld terminals so employees can search for information about an item while standing with the customer, instead of going up to the checkout or out to the warehouse to check stock levels.

In this way, it is possible for employees to be more present, make better use of time, and work more efficiently. All of which contribute positively to the customer experience.

– The mobile barcode solution provides less wasted time daily. The employees get better time to help the customers on an ongoing basis, as they subsequently can continue the work exactly where they came from, without losing track, Bent Panduro explains.

To provide a better overview during the day, NEYE uses mobile label printers so employees simply can scan an item with a handheld terminal, after which the associated price tag is printed out. This means that the stores can handle the work of price labeling on an ongoing basis. At the same time, employees always know where they come from, unlike other solutions, where you typically get all the new shelf labels printed at the same time – and not necessarily can remember how far they came with the stack.

– The advantage for the stores is that the employees can make price marking as it suits between the customers and print as needed instead of printing it all at once in a large, unmanageable stack, Bent Panduro says.

The handheld terminal solution is used today for price marking, item listings, and status counting. The next step is the receipt of goods, Bent Panduro concludes:

– In addition to the daily work with price marking and product listing, we also use the handheld terminals for complete status counting once a year in all stores. The next phase is to add receipt of goods, so we also get that task out on the mobile devices.


NEYE is a Danish chain consisting of 42 stores throughout Denmark and a webshop. The chain sells bags, backpacks, suitcases, and accessories. From 2020, Outdoor has also been added to the range. There are about 350 employees in total in the chain. NEYE is owned by the NEYE Foundation, which donates all profits to cancer research.

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