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Rigtig Kaffe gets help with dynamic prices in the showroom

Denmark’s largest retailer of espresso machines, rigtigkaffe.dk, which has just won the third Gazelle award (Danish growth award), has moved from Skanderborg to new, beautiful premises in Tilst. In a new and modern showroom, customers can taste and see more than 100 espresso machines. To ensure that the customer always get the correct price of the machine, digital price signs have been set up to quickly update the prices.

Rigtig Kaffe is the largest specialist house within espresso machines, coffee grinders, barista equipment and whole coffee beans. The webshop was established in 2009 and has now expanded with a large and modern showroom in Tilst. Here, customers are offered an out-of-the-ordinary coffee experience. There are more than 100 different espresso machines displayed in the showroom, which customers can try and taste the coffee before they buy.

The selection at Rigtig Kaffe is aimed at the quality-conscious consumer who wants an extra good cup of coffee or espresso. Since the launch of the webshop, the company has received Børsen’s prestigious Gazelle award three times, most recently in 2022.

A lot of money has been invested in the new showroom with the goal of making it possible for customers to try the large range and create a professional and modern look to the customers. The selection of machines in the showroom has been carefully selected after many years in the industry, and the company offer machines in all price ranges. In that way, there is always something for everyone.

"We work in a market where prices are constantly changing. Digital price tags give our advisers in the showroom an enormous security when they are standing with a customer. Now, they always know that the prices of the espresso machines are 100% updated."

Anne Dorthe Melballe, Director at Rigtig Kaffe A/S

Updated prices in a changing market

At Rigtig Kaffe, they knew very well that the rapidly changing prices would be a challenge in the showroom, which is why they chose to contact Delfi Technologies from the start to implement digital price signs.

Rigtig Kaffe has more than 5,000 products in the range, available on the webshop. Although only selected products are displayed in the showroom, it made a lot of sense for the company to implement digital price tags. The prices of the competitors are closely monitored to ensure that Rigtig Kaffe always can offer the best price to the customer. It is therefore a big task to keep the prices in the webshop and showroom updated, without the use of digital signs.

– We work in a market where prices are constantly changing. Digital price tags give our advisers in the showroom an enormous security when they are standing with a customer. Now, they always know that the prices of the espresso machines are 100% up-to-date, says Anne Dorthe Melballe, Director at Rigtig Kaffe A/S.

An expression that matches the identity

For Rigtig Kaffe, it has been crucial to be part of the design process of the layout of the signs in order for them to match the rest of the company’s identity. With the large investment in the showroom, it was particularly important that they could maintain a high level of style by using digital price tags.

In addition to the design expression on the digital signs, Rigtig Kaffe, also has the opportunity to display various accessory packages for the espresso machines. It can, for example, be care products, accessories or coffee beans, which is now presented clearly and distinctly, and thereby has better prerequisites for making additional sales and offering customers exactly the right products.

The coffee bean signs also show different quantities and prices for e.g. 500 grams, 1 kilo and 3 kilos. The customers and advisors can then easily and quickly see the savings by buying a larger quantity.

– We have invested a lot of money in a state-of-the-art and beautiful showroom with more than 100 espresso machines on display. That is why it is important for us that the price signs also have a modern and professional look, Anne Dorthe Melballe says.

The signs are connected to Rigtig Kaffe’s webshop, so when you change a price or information here, the sign in the showroom changes accordingly, just within a few seconds. The change is made using a wireless antenna which is connected to Delfi’s cloud software. With Delfi’s app Breece Go, staff members can easily associate signs with the products by scanning the barcode of the product and the sign. In addition, it is also possible to choose from different layouts for the signs, which Rigtig Kaffe can design themselves in Delfi’s web designer.

About Rigtig Kaffe

Rigtig Kaffe was established in 2009 in Skanderborg and has gone through an enormous development. In 2015, they launched their first coffee blender under their own name, which turned out to be a great success. Since then, the range has been expanded with a total of five carefully selected exclusive coffee series, four of which are roasted in Denmark. The one coffee range is also organic and Fair Trade certified. In total, they have 30 coffee blends in their own name, each with its own history and character. Rigtig Kaffe’s own coffee blends are only available in whole coffee beans, as you get the absolute best taste experience by using freshly ground beans.

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