Eventyrsport: denmark’s best e-shop and good customer experiences

The Danish outdoor chain Eventyrsport has been named the country’s best e-shop with a focus on good customer experiences. In the chain’s physical stores, there is also a focus on good service, where electronic shelf labels connect the goods with the webshop and free up time for customers.

Pricerunner, which compares prices from over 8,000 Danish webshops, awards the prize to Denmark’s best e-retailer each year. The top score was Eventyrsport, and in May 2021, the chain was therefore named “e-trader of the year”.

The justification states:

Eventyrsport wins both the title as e-retailer of the year 2021 in the category ‘Leisure’ and takes the title ‘Store of the Year 2021’. They can be proud of a website where it is easy for customers to navigate around. The store is at the top with good customer support, and it is easy to get in touch with an employee – the answers come quickly, are accurate, and personal (source: pricerunner.dk).

It is the 18th year in a row that PriceRunner gives this award among the 8,700 Danish stores from which you can find prices and products at PriceRunner. To be nominated for the e-commerce of the year award, the store must have received verified customer reviews on PriceRunner within the past six months.

"With electronic price tags, we have a concrete tool that makes it possible to ensure the same good experience in our physical stores as on our webshop".

Emil Holtet Søgaard, retail manager at Eventyrsport


Despite the great success of the webshop, it is still important for Eventyrsport to maintain and ensure growth in their store chain.

– It is possible to grow in both places. In the stores, it is easier to sell many of our goods, but we must still focus on the good customer experiences, says Emil Holtet Søgaard, Retail Manager at Eventyrsport and continues:

– With electronic price tags, we have a concrete tool that makes it possible to ensure the same good experience in our physical stores as on our webshop.

Eventyrsport currently has 13 stores across the country, all of which have installed electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies. Most recently, the chain has opened a new large store in Horsens with everything for outdoor and running combined with inspiring experiences around the store.


Eventyrsport is passionate about providing good experiences and offers a wide range of strong brands within outdoor clothing and equipment. The chain has 13 stores across the country and runs a webshop that has been named Denmark’s best e-store (May 2021).

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