More Unieuro stores are choosing electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies

Unieuro Porto Empedocle is one of more than 40 stores within the Unieuro chain that has implemented the Delfi solution. The implementation of Delfi Technologies’ ESL solution has not only modernized Unieuro Porto Empedocle’s price display but has also increased efficiency and flexibility in the daily operations of the store. This innovative approach is part of Unieuro’s efforts to enhance the customer experience and keep up with the latest technological advances in retail.

Unieuro Porto Empedocle has successfully implemented Delfi Technologies’ Breece System with electronic shelf labels in their store as part of the Unieuro chain. Delfi Technologies offers an advanced solution that combines digital price tags, cloud-based management, and mobile app (BreeceGo) functionality.

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"We are really excited about this partnership and would like to personally thank the Unieuro team for choosing our solution."

Vincenzo Bisconti Sales Respinsible at Delfi Technologies S.R.L. in Southern Italy

Key features of the implementation

Like other Unieuro stores in Italy, the Porto Empedocle store has chosen to take advantage of the flexible handling of digital price tags from Delfi Technologies. An innovative solution that provides store staff with the right tool for automatic management of price and product updates. Overall, the solution contributes to greater efficiency in daily operations, reducing manual errors, and improving the customer experience.

Digital price tags with a long lifetime

The Unieuro store has replaced traditional paper price tags with advanced digital signs from Delfi Technologies. These digital price tags are energy-efficient and have a long lifetime (typically 10 years), reducing the need for frequent replacement.

High mobility and flexibility in daily operations

The cloud-based solution provides great flexibility in daily operations with access to the solution anywhere via a mobile app. A wireless antenna also ensures that new updates are automatically sent to the store’s signs.

Cloud-based management

  • Delfi Technologies offers a cloud-based solution that allows Unieuro Porto Empedocle to easily and efficiently manage prices and product information. Changes and updates are made in real-time and automatically synchronized with the digital price tags in the store.

Mobile app functionality

  • Store staff have access to a mobile app that gives them full control over price tags and product information. The app allows employees to change prices, add or delete products, and adjust the layout of the price tags directly from their mobile devices.

Flexibility in sign layout

  • Staff have the option to customize the layout of the price tags, providing a flexible and dynamic presentation of product information.

Changing signs/products

  • Staff can easily switch around price tags and associated products using the mobile app. This allows for quicker changes in store layout and presentation of goods.

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