Frankonia connects online and offline shopping experience

The German hunting retailer, Frankonia, has decided to roll out Breece System with electronic shelf labels (ESL) from Delfi Technologies in all its stores to connect the online and offline shopping experience.

Founded in 1908, Frankonia in Germany has developed into a market leader in hunting equipment with a multichannel business and more than 40.000 items.

To be able to ensure the same shopping experience and product information across all channels, Frankonia has teamed up with the IT company Delfi Technologies that has rolled out over 10 mio. ESLs across more than 2.000 locations all over Europe.

– We know Delfi Technologies from their experience with other retailers and found out that their cloud-based ESL solution was the ideal choice for our needs, says Svenja Horz, project responsible for all stores at Frankonia.

"We know Delfi Technologies from their experience with other retailers and found out that their cloud-based ESL solution was the ideal choice for our needs."

Svenja Horz, Project Responsible for all stores at Frankonia


The choice fell on Delfi Technologies’ ESL solution because it is cloud-based and very easy to use. At the same time, the implementation is simple with a low-impact infrastructure that doesn’t require much to get started.

– Based on the good test results from the pilot project with the Delfi ESL solution, we have decided to roll out the solution to all our stores. This gives us the ability to manage our product and price information much more smoothly while also giving us the opportunity to respond much faster, says Jens Meister, Sales Manager at Frankonia.

He is supplemented by Svenja Horz, who explains:

– The combination of the cloud solution and the light infrastructure makes the whole installation process very simple and straightforward.


The electronic shelf labels are fully graphic, which means that Frankonia can put everything they want on the labels – text, logos, barcodes, etc.  Among other things, Frankonia has included QR codes on the displays to tie together the offline sales channel with the online platform

With the ESL solution, Frankonia can ensure the same pricing online and offline with a high level of flexibility when it comes to price changes – everything can be changed within seconds, across all channels.

– It has become much easier and faster to work with special campaigns, as it does not require the heavy process of replacing paper signs across throughout the stores, says Jens Meister.


Frankonia was founded in 1908 and is a German market leader in the field of hunting and sport shooting. The company oper-ates a multichannel business with 24 stores all over Germany, including equipment for hunters, marksmen and collectors as well as high-quality fashion and exclusive outdoor equipment.

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