VestVin: Digital price tags strengthen green profile in wine store

In a time with increasing competition in the retail business, it is necessary for stores to find new innovative ways to attract and retain customers. VestVin, a brand new and modern wine shop located in Skive, Denmark has found the recipe by, among other things, implementing digital price tags from Delfi Technologies.

At VestVin in Skive, you will find a brand-new wine supermarket of 400 square meters with a green profile. In the store’s completely newly built premises, you will also find – in addition to a lot of exquisite wines – a floor made of 66,000 small end pieces of leftover wood from window production. Even the wine racks are specially designed and produced from residual wood for VestVin.

A dream came true

For Palle Strande, who has previously been a Store Manager for more than 20 years, it was a dream that finally came true. His great passion and hobby is wine, and now it was time to open VestVin, together with his former Assistant Manager, Sonny Hornstrup.

In connection with the opening of the store in Skive, a decision was made to install digital price tags from Delfi Technologies. By using digital displays, VestVin can show prices and promotions in real time. This means that the store does not have to spend time printing and setting up paper signs manually. In this way, VestVin can update the prices in the store more quickly and the customer will always see the correct price, which is also the same price at checkout.

We chose to install digital price tags in the store in order to be able to quickly change the prices for offers and promotions, and at the same time to be able to make our good offers visible in a clear red color in real time.

Palle Strande Owner of VestVin

Soon, VestVin will also open an online store with a webshop. Therefore, it makes extra good sense to have the digital price tags linked to the physical store, so that the prices are the same online as well as offline.

– We chose to install digital price tags in the store in order to be able to quickly change the prices for offers and promotions, and at the same time to be able to make our good offers visible in a clear red color in real time, says Palle Strande, Owner of VestVin in Skive.

The good offers must be displayed

The digital price tags highlight offers in red, so the customer has no doubt that there is a discount available. This improved product information makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions on the spot.

The store can design the price tags to display special offers, discounts or events. It helps to attract customers’ attention and creates a feeling of exclusivity and advantage by shopping at VestVin. This form of dynamic marketing has been a particularly effective tool and has contributed to increased sales.

Different sizes of signs

In the store at VestVin you will find digital price tags in various sizes. There are the smaller signs, which are primarily placed on shelves near chocolate and other delicatessen products, and then there are the slightly larger ones. The large signs are attached to the large wine racks, where they are also fitted with an A4 sign. The A4 label describes the wine in more depth with various descriptions, links to food, various awards and the like.

On the digital price tag, you can see the price for 1 bottle and for 6 bottles. All of this in large and clear writing with a red background, so that the customer has no doubts about the price.

The digital price tags are connected to an antenna that sends out product information to the signs as soon as a price or information changes in the ERP system. It is all connected to a cloud server, which only requires an internet connection for the antenna to work.

About VestVin

At VestVin, there is no compromise on the quality of the products. You will find a carefully selected range of the best wines and spirits from around the world for a unique and authentic taste experience. Keep an eye on their website, where you can soon find their new webshop. VestVin looks forward to welcoming you and sharing their passion for wines and spirits with you.

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