Møbelkompagniet upgrades the showroom with digital price signs

As a leading furniture company, Møbelkompagniet is known for high quality furniture and an innovative retail approach. In their efforts to create a unique and engaging showroom experience, Møbelkompagniet has equipped their furniture with digital price tags from Delfi Technologies.

Every month, Møbelkompagniet sends out more than 500 couches to satisfied customers. The furniture company also designs their own furniture with several completely unique products. It is not furniture that can be bought from other furniture stores.

With furniture under its own brand, and a successful webshop, Møbelkompagniet’s assortment can be found in many Danish and European homes. The company’s online sales account for 90% of the turnover, and with the new showroom, it will also be possible for customers to feel the good quality and try the furniture before making the right decision.

A need for digital price tags

The furniture company chose to invest in digital signage based on a clear need to be able to have dynamic prices in their showroom. The company wanted a solution that could update the prices of the products in the showroom in the same speed with the many webshop promotions.

After a short research for possible suppliers, Møbelkompagniet found that the digital price tags from Delfi Technologies were perfect for this purpose.

3 weeks before we were to open our showroom, we contacted Delfi Technologies to find a solution with digital price tags. Even with the short deadline, we managed to complete the deployment of the new signage.

Victor Wøhlk Lauritsen Marketing & Sales Manager at Møbelkompagniet

– 3 weeks before we were to open our showroom, we contacted Delfi Technologies to find a solution with digital price tags. Even with the short deadline, we managed to complete the deployment of the new signage, says Victor Wøhlk Lauritsen, Marketing & Sales Manager at Møbelkompagniet.

Link from showroom to webshop

The digital price tags from Delfi Technologies are connected to Møbelkompagniet’s webshop. In this way, they ensure that there are always up-to-date prices in the showroom. The alternative is paper signs, but this requires an enormous amount of time and coordination for a company like Møbelkompagniet.

At Møbelkompagniet, it is the marketing department that prices the products on the webshop. This means that the marketing department had to coordinate with the store staff every time a price of a product had to be changed. After that, the paper sign would have to be made, corrected and set up. A workflow that could create price errors, which could ultimately affect the sales if the product is labeled incorrectly.

Dynamic prices - and it looks good

One of the most important factors around the new signage was the visual expression. The digital price tags can present the furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way and at the same time attract the customers’ attention.

In the long term, Møbelkompagniet will also have the option of different prices for different types of wood, e.g. their dining tables, or similar. In this way, customers can quickly and easily see price differences, which makes it easier and faster for customers to decide which piece of furniture to buy.

Møbelkompagniet also shows different measurements on the signs. It can be a dining table chair, which has a seat height, a back height, etc. It is therefore possible for Møbelkompagniet to present detailed descriptions of their quality products, exactly as they deserve.

The digital price tags are controlled using a wireless antenna which is connected to the internet. Together with Delfi Technologies’ cloud software, the antennas send data out to all signs when changes are made to data from the webshop. So basically, nothing else is required than an internet connection and some data for the signs to be used.

About Møbelkompagniet

Møbelkompagniet is one of Denmark’s leading furniture companies that specializes in delivering stylish and quality furniture. With their dedication to innovation and customer experience, they have created a strong brand known for their unique showroom experiences and modern approach to furniture retailing.

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