SAWO has automated work processes with handheld terminals and software from Delfi Technologies

SAWO A/S, the leading supplier of hydraulic and material handling products for the transport and contractor industry in the Nordic region, has simplified workflows in their workshops across the country. Here, a digital solution from Delfi Technologies with handheld terminals and user-friendly software has streamlined warehouse operations.

SAWO is a Danish company that continuously prioritizes improving work processes and simplifying employees’ daily routines through automation and streamlining of workflows. At the same time, a constantly updated overview of inventory is crucial to ensure that employees always have the necessary knowledge of available spare parts and those that are not. Correct registrations are essential at the company’s workshops, which serve customers from departments and partners across the country.

For this reason, SAWO has chosen Delfi Technologies as the supplier of a digital solution with handheld terminals and software. A solution that has automated and streamlined time-consuming work processes at the company’s workshops and has resulted in more efficient handling of spare parts and repairs.

"Delfi Technologies has helped us free up valuable time for our employees, who now have a digital tool to run our warehouses efficiently and smoothly."

Peter Bæk CFO at SAWO A/S

Effective inventory management makes a difference

By automating and optimizing inventory management, SAWO has the opportunity to work smarter and more proactively, ensuring optimal and smooth handling in repair work and registration of spare parts. This allows the company to deliver better service and satisfaction among their customers.

– Delfi Technologies has helped us free up valuable time for our employees, who now have a digital tool to run our warehouses efficiently and smoothly, says Peter Bæk, CFO at SAWO A/S.

– It makes a big difference for us and means, among other things, that we can work smarter, more accurately, and focus on exactly what we find more enjoyable – namely, servicing our customers and assisting them in their everyday lives.

With Delfi Technologies’ handheld terminals and software, SAWO can easily and quickly manage the company’s inventory across different departments. From ongoing inventory counts to goods receipt, procurement, and registration of goods consumption/spare parts for cases, employees can now perform all tasks in a more efficient and accurate manner.

The right solution with great flexibility

SAWO has chosen to use handheld terminals with a physical keyboard (model: Delfi PM67) for workshop and warehouse employees, which suits the company’s specific needs and work environment. An essential factor is the practical usability in an environment characterized by repairs and service work, where fingers often get dirty with oil.

Another important factor is that the solution with handheld terminals and user-friendly software suits everyone – from the youngest apprentices to the more experienced workshop and warehouse personnel at 70 years old. Moreover, the solution has been continuously expanded over the years, with new handheld terminals and features being added as changes in the company’s needs arise.

– For many years, we have had a close collaboration with Delfi Technologies, which has supplied our handheld terminals and scanners. Over time, the need for an upgrade and future-proofing of our solution had become unavoidable. Here, Delfi Technologies stepped in and helped us find the right solution for our current and future needs, explains Peter Bæk.

About SAWO

SAWO A/S is the leading supplier in the Nordic region of premium hydraulic and related material handling products for the transport and contractor industry. With a strong focus on quality and service, SAWO has established itself as a trusted partner for companies in the industry. The company’s employees daily perform sales, service, and production of builds from many workshops spread across the country.

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