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Midtdjurs Traktorlager: State-of-the-art machine shop introduces 10.000 digital price tags

Despite the name, Midtdjurs Traktorlager is much more than a tractor shop. With more than 10.000 products in stock, there is something for every taste. A switch to digital price tags has improved customer service and made it much easier to update prices and product information on the large product range.

Midtdjurs Traktorlager is a paradise for those interested in products within forest, garden and park. Here you will find everything from electrical items to garden tractors. In a more traditional industry, Midtdjurs Traktorlager still manages to create innovative development. Both by having a popular webshop and with a recent investment in digital price tags from Delfi Technologies.

Customer advice in the center

The company strives very hard to provide a good customer service – and this is precisely one of the big reasons why Midtdjurs Traktorlager has implemented digital price tags. Before the switch to the solution with electronic shelf labels (ESL), there could be signs with incorrect prices at the shelf – if the shop didn’t always manage to change a sign when there were price changes or a new promotion. It was not optimal and especially not for the customer experience. With the digital price tags, all prices and product information are automatically updated at the shelf when there are changes in data from the ERP system.

Before, we spent many hours every day changing price tags. The night before an event, we had to put up laminated signs with a special price. Now we can go home in the evening, and the next day the whole shop has been updated with special offer signs.

Heidi Klemmensen IT & Accounting at Midtdjurs Traktorlager

– Before, we spent many hours every day changing price tags. The night before an event, we had to put up laminated signs with a special price. Now we can go home in the evening, and the next day the whole shop has been updated with special offer signs, without us having to do anything, says Heidi Klemmensen, IT & Accounting at Midtdjurs Traktorlager.

At Midtdjurs Traktorlager, customized templates have been designed for the signs that can be used when there are special events such as ‘Open House’ and ‘Black Friday’. In this way, this type of event can be highlighted in a special and personalized way. Text and design emphasize ‘Black Friday’ with black graphics, which shows an extra good offer. This was not an option before with the printed paper signs.

Opportunity to maximize margins

The implementation of digital price tags has given Midtdjur’s Traktorlager several advantages. Firstly, it is now possible to change the product prices in real-time. This means that the shop can react quickly to market trends and adjust prices to maximize margins.

The shop is also using templates that allow the same price tag to be used for multiple products attached. In this way, you can optimize in places where the space is tight. It could be with narrow products or with products that hang on a skewer. At the same time, it also reduces the required number of total signs in use. This function is used in several places in the shop.

– We have been extremely satisfied with the support and guidance we have received from Delfi Technologies before, during and after the implementation of the digital price tags. They are always available, Heidi Klemmensen says.

Special features help the shop

Several special features have also been created to help the staff during their workday. One of the features is a special text that is displayed on the sign when a replacement product has arrived for a certain product that is otherwise part of the fixed range. It can be a new item number, or a new item to replace the existing one. Here it says “the item has been given a new item number.”. In this way, the staff know that they must scan the sign with the new item, so that the price and information are up to date. In the past, uncertainty could arise between the product and the sign.

Another function that has been created is “the item is on its way” when there is zero in stock in the warehouse. By using this function, the staff doesn’t need to go to the warehouse to find items where the shelf is empty.

In addition, the shop is also using a special offer layout, which highlight offers with a red “offer text”. With this layout, the staff can also easily spot if there are individual products in a category that have not been given the correct discount code in the ERP system. Likewise, the shop can also highlight special multi-piece offers if a customer now buys several of the same item.

A “Plug & Play” solution

The solution that Midtdjurs Traktorlager has implemented from Delfi Technologies is a cloud-based solution. This means that you don’t need to have computers or servers installed locally for the software to work. All it requires is just an internet connection and a wireless antenna for the signs to be synchronized with the data source from the POS/ERP-system. A few seconds after changes in the system, the signs for the specific products will be updated.

About Midtdjurs Traktorlager

Midtdjurs Traktorlager A/S is located in Jutland, in Nimtofte, and is today a state-of-the-art machine shop with a very stable and growing customer base. Today, there are 32 loyal staff members. The many customers are both private and professional customers who buy machines, tools, work clothing and various consumables.

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