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Dansk Flise Lager upgrades stores with digital price tags

Dansk Flise Lager has implemented digital price tags from Delfi Technologies as part of their strategy to embrace new technology and improve both staff workflows and the customer experience in their stores.

While Dansk Flise Lager has always been known for its impressive range of ceramic tiles, they have now taken a new step to enhance the customer experience by integrating modern technology. The digital price tags, now adorning the stores, are more than just stylish accessories – they are powerful tools that make the shopping experience more convenient and informative than ever before.

One of the most significant changes brought about by the digital price tags is increased accessibility for customers. At Dansk Flise Lager, they offer extended opening hours, extending until 9 p.m. This allows customers to visit the stores at more flexible times, but it has also posed an additional challenge – after 4 p.m., there is no longer staff present in the stores.

"A few years ago, we only had a couple of stores, and here we could manage the replacement of paper tags. But now that we have seven stores, it had become a logistical challenge to print and distribute the price tags every time we had new offers."

Caspar Rasmussen Owner & Project Manager at Dansk Flise Lager

QR codes bridge the gap between physical stores and webshops

This challenge has been addressed by integrating the digital price tags and using technology such as QR codes on the signs. In this way, Danish Tile Warehouse has managed to bridge the physical store experience with their online platform.

Customers visiting the stores outside normal opening hours can now easily scan the QR codes to get more information about the various tiles on Dansk Flise Lager’s webshop. This provides a unique opportunity for customers to explore their options, read reviews, and see prices, even when there is no staff present in the stores. And by displaying the square meter price of the tiles on the signs, it is even easier for customers.

Digital price tags – an extra advantage in unmanned stores

This integration of digital and physical retail experiences is not only practical, but it is also a visible proof of Dansk Flise Lager’s ambition to meet customer needs with a dynamic store experience. The store in Herning has even taken it a step further with a completely unmanned store/showroom with a self-service solution, where customers can explore the range of tiles at their own pace. Here, the digital price tags are an extra advantage and an important element of the experience, providing customers with the necessary information even when there is no staff present.

– A few years ago, we only had a couple of stores, and here we could manage the replacement of paper tags. But now that we have seven stores, it had become a logistical challenge to print and distribute the price tags every time we had new offers, says Caspar Rasmussen, owner and project manager at Dansk Flise Lager, and continues:

– With the digital price tags, the slowest part of the process now is how quickly we can press the ‘update price’ button on the webshop.

An easier workload for staff

But the digital price tags are not only beneficial for customers; they also lighten the burden for staff at Dansk Flise Lager. With soon seven stores to maintain and periods without staff present, the traditional paper-based pricing system would be a huge logistical challenge. Digital price tags allow for instant price updates, which is crucial in an industry where attractive campaigns and offers are a central part of the business model. The digital price tags allow Dansk Flise Lager to dynamically adjust their pricing and product information in real-time. This means they can quickly respond to market trends and competitive offers without having to wait for manual updates of physical signs, which is important when Dansk Flise Lager wants to live up to its motto “Most beautiful tiles – best prices”.

Now, Dansk Flise Lager can centrally update prices and product information on their digital price tags for all stores at once. The signs in all stores are linked to their webshop, from which the signs fetch data. If a tile, for example, is going on sale, they only need to adjust the price on the webshop. After a few seconds, the price is also updated in all their stores.

Combining personal service with online convenience

The transition to digital price tags is not just a sign of Dansk Flise Lager’s innovative approach to store operations, but it also reflects a broader trend in retail. Companies that have previously been hesitant to embrace new technology now recognize the value it can add to both customers and employees.

By combining the best of both worlds – the personal service in-store and the convenience offered by online shopping – Dansk Flise Lager has created an engaging shopping experience that aligns with the demands of the modern market. An initiative that helps strengthen Dansk Flise Lager’s position as a leading player in the tile industry in Denmark.

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Dansk Flise Lager Aps imports quality tiles and bricks from select manufacturers primarily in Europe. For more than 20 years, the company has imported tiles and bricks from around the world and delivered to Scandinavian customers. Dansk Flise Lager collaborates with manufacturers who can reliably deliver tiles/bricks that meet the expectations and requirements of Danish consumers. This applies to the quality of the product, but also colors, surfaces, and sizes.

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