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XL-BYGG Frekhaug has chosen electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies

Mestergruppen, one of Scandinavia’s largest DIY groups, has entered into a strategic partnership with the IT company Delfi Technologies regarding electronic shelf labels for its member stores. XL-BYGG Frekhaug in Norway is one of the DIY stores that has embraced the benefits of this solution.

Through the collaboration with Delfi Technologies, MesterGruppen can offer its member stores access to various business opportunities and advantages with Breece Systemelectronic shelf labels. Among the member stores in Norway and Sweden are chains such as XL-BYGG, Byggtorget, Fargerike, Kulør, Mal Proff, and VVS Norge.

Electronic shelf labels provide various benefits, including increased flexibility and the ability to implement price changes quickly and efficiently. This solution also helps reduce errors and ensures that customers always see the current price on the shelf, benefiting both customers and employees.

– We want to use electronic shelf labelss in our DIY stores to streamline work processes and thus free up time that we can dedicate to our customers. We chose Delfi Technologies because of the price, short delivery time, excellent customer service, and because they have a good solution for reusing labels, says Håvard Persen, Category Manager at MesterGruppen.

"There is an app on the phone called BreeceGo. You scan the display then you scan the item, and the price is set. It's really nice that it works so easily."

Anders Kalmér Store Manager at XL-BYGG Frekhaug

Avoiding incorrect prices at the shelf

By using electronic shelf labels, prices and product information are updated instantly on the shelf whenever there is a change in the system. This avoids customers experiencing pricing errors or seeing incorrect information about a product.

– We have had electronic shelf labels for almost a year, and we avoid having the wrong price on the shelf. When prices used to change, you had to print them out on paper. It was easier to make mistakes, you could say, says Anders Kalmér, Store Manager at XL-BYGG Frekhaug, and continues:

– Now everything becomes coherent because the prices will always be correct compared to the online price. It gets updated at the checkout and on the shelf edges. You can trust that what’s there is correct.

Plug & play solution - easy to get started

The administration of the electronic shelf labels simple. The displays automatically receive updates about products and prices via a wireless antenna.

– We installed the antennas and the displays we received. Then we just started setting it up from one end. It’s a bit like a plug-and-play solution. There were some concerns before we started that it would be complicated to use, but that was completely wrong, explains Anders Kalmér.

The entire solution and signs can be operated through a mobile app (BreeceGo) from Delfi Technologies, where it is quick to delete or add new items.

– There is an app on the phone called BreeceGo. You scan the display, then you scan the item, and the price is set. It’s really nice that it works so easily, says Anders Kalmér.

New flexible marketing opportunities

The electronic shelf labels come in various sizes and allow for flexible layout options, displaying everything from prices and product information to campaign information, barcodes, and logos.

– On the slightly larger displays, we have several items on the same display, marked with the number of the product. We have barcodes, we have NOBB numbers, the product’s inventory balance, whether the item is in stock or available on order, says Anders Kalmér.

– We have about 12 campaigns a year now. Those 12 times it will also update automatically on the display, so you can see that there is a campaign on the product. It means a lot for the customer experience – we are confident that it’s correct, he concludes.

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