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Fast and accurate inventory counting with mobile PDA’s at Beck & Jørgensen

To ensure efficient and precise inventory counting, Beck & Jørgensen has implemented a warehouse solution with mobile PDAs from Delfi Technologies. An automated solution that runs online and is fully integrated with the company’s SAP system, enabling instant updates of collected data across the company’s 18 locations.

Any business with goods in stock is familiar with it; inventory counting is an essential task. Many companies typically perform this task during financial closures to gain clarity on the current value of the inventory. Other companies conduct ongoing counts to maintain a constantly updated stock and ensure optimal customer service with real-time inventory figures across different locations.

In any case, it is a time-consuming task when done with manual entries on paper and lists. Employees have to walk around and register each item and quantity by jotting down the information. This traditional method can be time-consuming and inefficient with a risk of errors.

"The scanner solution runs online, directly on our SAP system, and allows us to conduct a faster count with real-time updates."

Henrik Bonde IT Manager at Beck & Jørgensen

From pen and paper to automated inventory counting

At Beck & Jørgensen, a supplier to the painting profession since 1892, they have transitioned from manual inventory counting with pen and paper to implementing an automated scanner solution. This need arose as the company sought a digital warehouse solution to streamline the time-consuming process of counting inventory at their 18 customer centers.

With a range of over 100 different product types, including paint and wood protection, the company now performs a complete inventory count three times a year. This task has been digitized using mobile PDAs (model: Delfi PM85) from Delfi Technologies.

– The scanner solution runs online, directly on our SAP system, and allows us to conduct a faster count with real-time updates, explains Henrik Bonde, IT Manager at Beck & Jørgensen, who has been part of the process of developing the new status solution for SAP.

A clear advantage of the scanner solution is that the process is now significantly faster, and the registrations are more accurate compared to the previous manual handling with pen and paper, Henrik Bonde elaborates:

– The process is now more efficient, and accuracy has improved. Previously, we just counted what was on the printed lists, whereas today, we scan everything, thereby achieving a complete overview of the precise inventory.

About Beck & Jørgensen

Beck & Jørgensen A/S delivers technologically leading products primarily in the field of paint and wood protection. The company has more than 125 employees, and its production facilities in Søborg are equipped with the latest technology. The company envisions being the preferred supplier of technologically leading products for professional painters with a strong environmental profile. They are both environmentally and occupationally certified and have a clearly defined environmental policy with guidelines for energy utilization, emissions to nature, and protection of employees in the workplace. As the first Danish paint manufacturer, Beck & Jørgensen received the EU Ecolabel “The Flower” on a product, and approximately 90% of their paint is environmentally labeled with “The Flower” or “The Swan.”

The products are distributed nationwide through 18 customer centers, 9 wholesale centers, and a network of over 50 dealers.

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