Vvs norge implements digital price signs

In a competitive market with frequent offers, price wars and online shopping, stores need to always have updated prices at the shelf labels. That is why electronic shelf labels have been implemented at VVS Norge.

VVS Norge owns the subsidiaries Comfort-Kjeden AS and Bademiljø AS. Comfort Fiskarstrand is one of the stores in the Comfort chain that is part of the pilot project with electronic shelf labels.

– When customers can check the prices online, it is extra important that we carefully check and follow up on the prices in the store. If the price tag is wrong, we need to print a new one. This requires time and resources, says Siv Urke, Store Manager at Comfort Fiskarstrand.

"Digital price tags not only contribute to the fact that prices can change quickly and easily, but also to more accuracy on the price tags."

Geir Ellingsen, IT Manager at VVS Norge


– We are therefore incredibly satisfied that VVS Norge chooses to invest in digital price tags. This will streamline store operations for many members, she says.

Electronic shelf labels have been used for several years in several other industries such as groceries and consumer electronics, but not in the plumbing industry.

– Digitization is a central element in our action plan, which is why we work continuously to find areas where digitization can help simplify and streamline the day of the individual member companies. Electronic shelf labels are one of the areas we have chosen to address, says IT Manager at VVS Norge, Geir Ellingsen, who has been responsible for leading the project in collaboration with Delfi Technologies, the supplier of the Breece system.

– We have initially chosen to try out digital price signs as shelf fronts. The further plan is to pilot larger signs for highlighted areas and information screens. The price tags can be customized to display different information, but this places great demands on the product database. Therefore, these signs require a little more time, says Ellingsen.


The system with digital price tags is integrated with Cordel (the chain’s ERP system) and ensures that the items have the same price in the store as online.

– If there is a central campaign in the chain, the price in the store changes automatically – without me having to spend time on this. If we want to change the price of an item, we do it ourselves in the system. The price online and in store then changes automatically, which is very time-saving and convenient, says Urke.

In addition to Comfort Fiskarstrand, Comfort Askøy has also been one of the pilot stores. The pilot has been very successful, and the solution is now ready for more users.

– Digital price tags not only contribute to the fact that prices can change quickly and easily, but also to more accuracy on the price tags. At the same time, it helps free up store associates for other tasks such as providing customer service and improving the customer experience. Therefore, we look forward to rolling out the solution to members of both the Comfort chain and the Bademiljø chain, says Ellingsen.


VVS Norge was established in February 2018 and owns the subsidiaries Comfort-Kjeden AS and Bademiljø AS, both of which have their own chain concepts. The chains run specialized retail activities within plumbing, water and sewerage, ventilation and sprinkler work.

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