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XL-BYGG Knarvik has chosen electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies

Mestergruppen, one of Scandinavia’s largest DIY groups, has entered into a strategic partnership with the IT company Delfi Technologies regarding electronic shelf labels for its member stores. XL-BYGG Frekhaug in Norway is one of the DIY stores that has embraced the benefits of this solution.

Through the collaboration with Delfi Technologies, MesterGruppen can offer its member stores access to various business opportunities and advantages with Breece System – electronic shelf labels. Among the member stores in Norway and Sweden are chains such as XL-BYGG, Byggtorget, Fargerike, Kulør, Mal Proff, and VVS Norge.

Electronic shelf labels provide various benefits, including increased flexibility and the ability to implement price changes quickly and efficiently. This solution also helps reduce errors and ensures that customers always see the current price on the shelf, benefiting both customers and employees.

– We want to use electronic shelf labelss in our DIY stores to streamline work processes and thus free up time that we can dedicate to our customers. We chose Delfi Technologies because of the price, short delivery time, excellent customer service, and because they have a good solution for reusing labels, says Håvard Persen, Category Manager at MesterGruppen.

"In recent years, we have experienced more frequent price adjustments. These electronic shelf labels help us make the work easier, as we know that the moment a new price arises in our system, it has already been updated in the store."

Kenneth Toft General Manager at XL-BYGG Knarvik

Technology helps manage frequent price changes

In a world where exchange rates and purchase prices fluctuate constantly, most stores in the Swedish and Norwegian markets in particular face a challenge: to maintain the right contribution margin and ensure competitive prices on the shelves. Fortunately, modern technology can step in and make this task much more manageable. With constant rate changes and changing purchase prices, digital price tags are an invaluable resource for retail.

– In recent years, we have experienced more frequent price adjustments. These electronic shelf labels help us make the work easier, as we know that the moment a new price arises in our system, it has already been updated in the store, says Kenneth Toft, Store Manager at XL-BYGG Knarvik, and continues:

– Now we can spend all our time meeting the customer, as we can walk into the store instead of going to the shelves and changing paper labels.

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An extra help in everyday life

Now, XL-BYGG Knarvik no longer needs to worry about remembering to update signs for price changes, new campaigns, or updating product information – it all happens automatically.

– The challenges were greatest when the online store updated itself automatically. It could take one or two, in the worst case, a week before we managed to update it. That creates uncertainty for a customer who has seen a price online and sees a different price in the store, explains Kenneth Toft.

– So it was also important for us to find a supplier with whom we quickly established good communication and who quickly understood our needs. We are incredibly pleased that we chose Delfi as a partner, he adds.

Mobile app helps employees

In a DIY store like XL-BYGG Knarvik, there are many products and displays to keep track of. Therefore, there is a need for a quick overview of the system to find displays with any errors – it could be out of coverage, a product might not be set up in the system, and the display cannot fetch product information, etc. All of this can be tracked through a mobile app (BreeceGo) with everything from display status to an overview of the wireless antennas that send and receive information between the signs and XL-BYGG’s ERP system.

– The app is very easy to use. It provides an overview of the status of the antennas with signs in use and possibly how many signs, for some reason, have some kind of error that requires us to check them, says Kenneth Toft.

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