A warehouse solution for faster and easier inventory management

It must be easy to work with inventory management on a busy day in the warehouse and in stressful periods with pressure on both the order flow and receipt of goods. This is the why two IT companies, Scanditek and Delfi Technologies, collaboratively can offer a warehouse solution that is both quick and easy – and at the same time provides the necessary overview using digital registration and barcodes in the warehouse.

It can be difficult enough to keep track of the stock on a daily basis. But the significant growth in e-commerce and large seasonal fluctuations, due to huge sales days such as Black Friday, puts an even greater demand on the flow of packages and registration of goods. The shipment process must work properly from start to end – and time-consuming tasks must be eliminated.

Scanditek supplies ERP / finance systems to a wide range of manufacturing companies – everything from production of chairs to chocolates, electric boards and shovels to excavators. With huge production volumes and many daily shipments, there is a special need for an efficient inventory management.

"With the help of the warehouse solution from Delfi Technologies, we can offer our clients an efficient inventory management to handle the entire flow from procurement to delivery."

Allan Keith, system consultant and partner at Scanditek

For several years, Scanditek has collaborated with Delfi Technologies, who develops barcode solutions to streamline work processes in warehouses and production companies. Delfi Technologies has developed a real-time warehouse solution based on the logic of an ERP system where barcodes and scanning allows you to keep track of the item registration and automatically get all data transferred to the ERP, which you already are using in your business. This also means that the logic from the ERP will be returned to the scanner.

– With the help of the warehouse solution from Delfi Technologies, we can offer our clients an efficient inventory management to handle the entire flow from procurement to delivery. As our client’s total IT supplier, we can also help to streamline warehouse processes – we have five clients using the solution already, says Allan Keith, system consultant and partner at Scanditek.


The warehouse solution from Delfi Technologies consists of a handheld PDA (Delfi PM66) with a software solution that is integrated into the ERP system of the client. The warehouse solution is based on the data from the ERP where registrations via the PDA, with a built-in barcode reader, are transferred back to the ERP in real-time.

The digital registration provides a complete overview and ensures traceability in the warehouse. At the same time, time is being saved and the trouble with paper is avoided, which is a time-consuming task that typically also causes errors.

– The smart thing about the warehouse solution is that it makes inventory management much faster and easier. The idea is that it should be so easy and intuitive to use that you can pull a stranger in from the street, who can figure out how the solution works and keep track of the processes in the warehouse, tells Allan Keith.


The warehouse solution for Scanditek’s clients is based on Microsoft Dynamics C5 (ERP system). However, as the solution is based on a future-proof Android platform, the solution is also very dynamic and can be integrated with all types of ERP / financial systems.

– In addition to ordinary location management, we have built an extra storage dimension into C5 with a pallet function that allows you to receive pallets with different items directly into the warehouse with the pallet as the location – and subsequently picked directly for an order. It saves both time and releases storage space, explains Allan Keith.

In addition, the warehouse solution can handle the following processes:

  • Registration of raw materials
  • Receiving goods (receive pallets directly on location)
  • Moving goods (e.g. to a new location or new pallet)
  • Product listings (typically prices, stock status, sales statistics, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • Order picking
  • Production
  • Shipping of goods
  • Process registration (how far is an item in the production – typically several steps)


Scanditek is a full-service IT partner that helps companies and public institutions with the right IT solutions. Scanditek has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in ERP / financial systems as well as network solutions. For many clients, Scanditek acts as their external IT department.

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