Fønix Apoteket Uldum

Local pharmacy enhances customer interaction through digital price tags

The ‘Fønix Apoteket Uldum’ pharmacy, which is part of A-apoteket, has automated time-consuming tasks with digital price tags from Delfi Technologies to have more time for customer care and the opportunity to offer personalized service.

A-apoteket is a chain of independent pharmacies in Denmark. One of them is Fønix Apoteket Uldum, where Jeppe Madsen is a pharmacist. He greatly values ​​the close relationship that develops between customers and healthcare professionals in a rural area. The personal contact and the opportunity to provide individual advice are of great importance to him and his team.

An investment in digital price tags from Delfi Technologies has freed up time and made it possible for the pharmacy to focus more on customer care and counseling, which helps strengthen the close relationship with customers and create a more satisfying experience for everyone.

"We were looking for digital price tags because there was a lot of time spent changing the paper tags we had before. And the products present themselves more nicely on the shelf, and it is also much easier to see where there are offers and where there are no offers."

Jeppe Madsen Owner, Fønix Apoteket Uldum

Automation creates time for personal service

By automating the process of updating prices and product information on the shelves, the pharmacy has created a more efficient workflow that releases resources to strengthen the personal service that customers highly value.

The pharmacy can now update prices and product information in real-time without the need for manual intervention. This not only saves time but also reduces errors and ensures that customers always have access to accurate and updated information.

– Every fortnight, a lot of price tags typically need to be changed. If you don’t get it done right when the prices change, it creates a lot of confusion among customers, says Jeppe Madsen.

A dynamic solution with great flexibility

Fønix Apoteket Uldum fully exploits the potential of technology and the dynamic opportunities offered by the solution of digital price tags. By implementing the solution from Delfi Technologies, the pharmacy has gained several advantages, including flexible layout options that allow the tags to be customized as needed and create a more engaging shopping experience for customers.

One of the dynamic features that the pharmacy takes advantage of is the automatic highlighting of offers on the tags using colors. This makes it easy for customers to identify and take advantage of current offers and promotions.

– We were looking for digital price tags because there was a lot of time spent changing the paper tags we had before. And the products present themselves more nicely on the shelf, and it is also much easier to see where there are offers and where there are no offers, explains Jeppe Madsen.

In addition, the pharmacy utilizes the opportunity to display multiple products on the same tag, which allows for more efficient use of space and makes it easier for customers to compare different products directly on the shelves.

The pharmacy also has the option to display special text directly on the tags, such as “dietary supplements,” which increases customers’ awareness of the categories of products and makes it easier to find specific items in the pharmacy.

User-friendliness was crucial for the decision

Many pharmacies in Denmark today use digital price tags. Fønix Apoteket Uldum has chosen the solution from Delfi Technologies because of its great user-friendliness and flexibility. Using a mobile phone (or a handheld terminal) with a dedicated app, BreeceGo, the pharmacy can easily manage products and price tags with easy scanning – directly at the shelf, making everyday life more efficient and streamlined for the staff.

Jeppe Madsen operates a total of three pharmacies, all of which have the digital price tags from Delfi Technologies. Because of the distances between the pharmacies and the ease of Delfi’s solution, Jeppe could simply instruct the employees in Delfi’s app and the digital signage solution over the phone, which worked well.

– I chose the digital price tags from Delfi Technologies because they are much easier to set up. You can stand at the shelf with a mobile phone and an app, then scan the product and the price tag – and you can see immediately that it works. You don’t have to leave the shelves and the products, concludes Jeppe Madsen.

About Fønix Apoteket Uldum

Jeppe Madsen is a pharmacist at Fønix Apoteket Uldum as well as Fønix Apoteket in Nørre Snede and Tørring. All three pharmacies are part of A-apoteket, a chain of pharmacies with more than 90 pharmacies and a total of over 200 pharmacy branches and outlets in Denmark. Almost every other Danish pharmacy is now part of A-apoteket. On apoteket-online.dk, you can also buy online from your local pharmacy – and have it delivered right to your door.

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