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Charlottenlund Pharmacy has chosen a new supplier of digital price tags

Digital price tags have been used for many years among Danish pharmacies. However, a decision to replace a previous solution with new digital price tags from Delfi Technologies has brought new benefits and more opportunities to the local pharmacy in Charlottenlund.

Charlottenlund Pharmacy, part of the “A-apoteket” pharmacy chain, has many years of experience with digital signage. However, they wanted to achieve greater flexibility in working with goods and campaigns. Therefore, the pharmacy has chosen to implement new digital price tags from Delfi Technologies.

Delfi Technologies has recently entered into a partnership agreement with A-Apoteket, marking an exciting partnership in digital signage and technological solutions for the pharmacy sector.

– Before switching to Delfi Technologies, we had to take both the product and the sign to the back room to attach a sign to a product. It was time-consuming and also cumbersome to take, for example, 50 different products and signs to the back room, and then put it all back in the pharmacy area again, explains Zaydoon Neesan, Assistant Manager at Charlottenlund Pharmacy.

"Previously, it was necessary to attach paper signs with discount or campaign information, which was not always super practical or aesthetically appealing."

Zaydoon Neesan Assistant Manager at Charlottenlund Pharmacy

App assists with time-consuming tasks

The process of attaching products to new signs has become much more efficient and can now be handled directly at the shelf. With the solution from Delfi Technologies, the signs can be operated directly at the shelf using an app, eliminating the need to go back and forth to the office.

The app can be used on smartphones, but can also be installed on handheld terminals, often used for other tasks such as ordering goods, checking inventory, etc. With the app, the pharmacy can now simply scan a sign and then the barcode of a product, and the association of product and sign occurs. A task that has become much more efficient and practical for employees, who can now spend more time focusing on customers or other tasks in the pharmacy.

New campaign opportunities

In addition, the switch to Delfi Technologies’ signs has also allowed Charlottenlund Pharmacy to highlight campaigns and offers with colors and text directly on the signs.

– Previously, it was necessary to attach cardboard signs with discount or campaign information, which was not always super practical or aesthetically appealing, says Zaydoon Neesan.

Now Charlottenlund Pharmacy can instead highlight campaigns and offers directly on the digital signs, providing a more elegant and professional presentation. Offer prices are also automatically updated on the signs when there is a change in the ERP system.

Makes it easy to comply with regulations

With Delfi Technologies’ dynamic solution, Charlottenlund Pharmacy no longer needs to worry about complying with signage regulations. This innovative solution allows flexible customization of the signs’ layout, making it possible to specify different categories such as dietary supplements, medical equipment, and more directly on the signs. The signs also display unit prices and similar signage requirements. This eliminates the need for manual sign changes or attaching paper signs.

Simple operation with cloud solution

Furthermore, the new solution is cloud-based, meaning the pharmacy does not need to have a computer or server to manage the operation of the signs. Now the entire solution is simply managed with an internet connection and an antenna connected to Delfi’s systems.

– We quickly save 2-3 hours of work when setting up a campaign, just because we no longer have to take products and signs to the back room. Campaigns are now automatically updated with a red offer color and price, and we can associate products with signs using Delfi’s app at the shelf, says Zaydoon Neesan.

In addition to improving practicality and aesthetics, the switch to Delfi’s digital price tags also brings new opportunities. Charlottenlund Pharmacy can now also highlight, for example, 2 products on one sign, optimizing shelf space, especially where products are particularly narrow.

Less paper and more sustainability

Previously, Charlottenlund Pharmacy had to print labels to be attached to the signs to indicate which products were involved. Now it is no longer necessary to print labels, as product names and information are highlighted directly in the sign’s graphics. This provides a more sustainable solution, reducing the overall need for paper for labels and products.

Charlottenlund Pharmacy is not the only pharmacy to switch to digital price tags. As technology has evolved, more and more pharmacies and companies have introduced digital signs as a more practical and sustainable solution. Digital signs also allow for quicker updates of prices and information, making it easier to adapt to changes in the market.

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