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New digital signage has improved everyday life at Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy

Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy in Denmark has replaced their previous digital price tags with a completely new and modern solution from Delfi Technologies. An upgrade that, in addition to an annual saving of up to 60,000 kroner, also brings much greater flexibility and new opportunities in daily operations.

At Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy, a significant upgrade has been made to their previous system of digital price tags. Although prices were also digitized before, product information still required manual work from the staff, who had to print individual product labels for each price tag.

The previous price tags could also be difficult to read from different angles due to light reflection and glare. Maintenance of prices and all forms of product information has now been fully digitized with the new solution from Delfi Technologies. The solution not only gives the pharmacy a more elegant and modern look but also ensures that the signs are easy to read from any angle.

"With the solution from Delfi Technologies, we ensure that all necessary and mandatory information is automatically included on the signs. Everything is automated, and we are therefore spared from a lot of extra work."

Jeanette Graff Pharmaceutical Assistant & Campaign Manager at Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy

User-friendliness combined with advanced functionality

The flexibility of the new digital price tags is much greater compared to before in terms of what the pharmacy wants to display and how they want to use the signs. There is the option to display multiple products on the same sign, saving space, but also allowing for a more efficient presentation of products to customers. This is particularly beneficial on shelves with many smaller items or generally where space is limited.

– If there are many items on a shelf, it can be difficult to find space. Here, we can include two items on the same sign, says Jeanette Graff, who is a Pharmaceutical Assistant & Campaign Manager at Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy.

The solution from Delfi Technologies combines user-friendliness and advanced features that were not available with the previous solution. With a mobile app (BreeceGo) installed on a mobile phone or a handheld terminal, the pharmacy can easily manage products and price tags directly at the shelf.

– The app is incredibly user-friendly. We have it installed on our mobile phones, and everyone can quickly learn to use it. It is very clear, and it is easy to detect any errors, so we can act quickly.

Mandatory information is displayed automatically

As the campaign manager, it is also Jeanette Graff’s responsibility to ensure correct signage at the pharmacy. This includes not only any updates of products and prices but also ensuring that mandatory information about products such as dietary supplements, medical equipment, and cosmetic items is clearly displayed on the signs.

All product and price information comes directly from the pharmacy’s wholesaler, Nomeco, which is Denmark’s largest pharmaceutical wholesaler. But previously, the staff had to add plastic signs with mandatory information themselves to comply with current legal requirements. One of the primary advantages of the new signage solution is the ability to include all information directly on the signs.

– With the solution from Delfi Technologies, we ensure that all necessary and mandatory information is automatically included on the signs. Everything is automated, and we are therefore spared from a lot of extra work, explains Jeanette Graff.

Saves up to 60,000 DKK per year

Another significant advantage is the significant time savings when implementing new campaigns every 4 weeks. Here, many items are price-adjusted at the start of the campaign and again at the end of the campaign. In addition, there are regular price adjustments for medicines, which take place every 14 days.

The digital signs ensure that prices are highlighted in accordance with the campaigns and that the selling prices at the pharmacy are always correct and up to date, leading to more efficient operations. This is particularly important in a busy day at the pharmacy, where changes in products or prices occur frequently.

Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy is part of A-apoteket – a chain of independent pharmacies in Denmark. In collaboration with the chain office at A-apoteket, Delfi Technologies has looked at the annual savings for pharmacies like Aalborg Vejgaard Pharmacy. These savings amount to around 60,000 kroner in terms of time and resource savings.

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