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Price checkers

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Price checkers

Delfi Technologies has established itself as a leading provider of innovative retail solutions and comprehensive barcode solutions through many years of experience. Our solutions include everything from advanced barcode scanners to intuitive price checkers, which help improve the customer experience and streamline store operations.

Our price checkers are an efficient tool, tailored to the retail sector’s need for ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for both customers and staff. With fast and reliable barcode scanning, our price checkers allow customers to instantly access product information and prices. The price checkers are easy to operate and require minimal training, making them ideal for a busy retail environment.

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The price checkers are also flexible and can seamlessly integrate with existing store infrastructure and point-of-sale systems. At Delfi Technologies, we also provide comprehensive support and service. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist with installation, training, and maintenance to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment.

Innovative solution designed for customer service

Breece Customer Assist - an upgraded price checker

Breece Customer Assist er en innovativ løsning, der er skabt til at forbedre kundeservicen i butikker. Det er mere end bare et værktøj til at finde information om varer og priser; det fungerer også som en effektiv kommunikationskanal, der giver kunderne mulighed for at finde specifikke produkters placering i butikken.
With the “Touch & find” feature, customers can easily navigate through various options, including browsing products, prices, product information, images, and even the location of products in the store. This allows customers to quickly and easily find what they need.


Iconic furniture store implements digital price tags for an enhanced customer experience

Since 1929, Jacobsen Plus has been a family-owned business delivering high-quality designer furniture, lighting, and interior solutions to the Danish population. In 2011, the fifth generation took over, and they have recently implemented digital price tags in the company’s store in Horsens.

“The digital price tags have really boosted our appearance here in the store. There’s a huge difference from the dull paper tags to the new digital price tags – and visually, it looks much better too.”

– Karoline Pedersen, Store Manager at Jacobsen Plus, Horsens


A Danish online store has cracked the code for physical stores

In August 2019, the popular online store opened its first physical store in Roskilde. Over the next three years, the yarn store plans to open an additional 60 stores. The store universe aims to be consistent both offline and online—a digital ambition realized through a partnership with Delfi Technologies.

“With the physical stores, we aim to create a local presence, but it’s equally important that the customer experience aligns with our online store – Delfi Technologies helps us with that.”

– Joachim Hansen, Retail Manager at Hobbii

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