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Shelf labels

Paper shelf labels in various sizes

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Shelf labels

Even in the digital age with electronic shelf labels in many stores, some customers still prefer the traditional approach of using paper shelf labels for product information on store shelves and warehouse locations. Delfi Technologies is ready to meet this preference with a wide range of shelf edges and labels tailored to meet the needs of shelf marking.

At Delfi Technologies, we offer paper shelf labels in various sizes and materials, ensuring that your information is presented clearly and professionally – whether it’s product descriptions, prices, or warehouse locations.

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New print solution in 1200 Netto stores

The Danish supermarket chain, Netto, has more than 1,800 solid products in each store. That’s why they wanted a new, smarter and faster print solution so the everyday life could be optimized for employees as well for the customers.

“There was no solution on the market that could solve our challenges and still give our prices a better look. That is why we contacted Delfi Technologies, with whom we have collaborated for in many years, and this fantastic solution came out of it.”

– Simon Harritz Adamsen, Team Leader IT-support


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Label printers

When it comes to printing shelf labels, Delfi Technologies has the necessary technology. Their shelf edge printers are designed to produce clear and sharp prints, ensuring that your information is easily readable for both customers and staff. From small shops to large retail chains, Delfi Technologies can meet various scales of labeling needs.
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Only imagination sets the limits

Software for designing shelf labels

We also offer user-friendly software with advanced features for designing and setting up shelf labels. This allows you to customize the information in a flexible manner and ensure that each shelf label matches the specific requirements of your store or warehouse.

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