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Linerless Print

What is it?

Environmentally conscious and economic gain

Linerless print

With a linerless label printer, you can print self-adhesive labels without any backing paper. Typically, most types of labels and stickers have a removable backing paper that can be peeled off like a sticker.

A linerless label is ready to be applied as soon as it is printed. This type of label has a special adhesive that allows the label to be removed from the roll without leaving any sticky residue on the roll itself.

How does it work?

Benefits of linerless printing

Linerless printing can, for example, be advantageous for shipments, where items can be packed much faster. Additionally, there can be up to 60% more labels per roll than traditional labels, reducing the amount of waste paper and providing significant cost savings.

Reduced waste

Improved efficiency

Cost savings

Linerless labels are therefore also a more environmentally friendly and resource-saving label type.

Restaurants, cafes, and take-away places can also benefit greatly from a linerless printing method in their daily operations, where order processing and customer deliveries can be more efficient by sticking a label directly after printing – with, for example, the order number on food delivery, coffee to-go, etc.

At Delfi Technologies, we provide complete printing solutions for linerless labels and linerless printers.

Linerless labels

Our range of linerless labels serves various purposes, designed to be self-adhesive and environmentally friendly, delivering optimal results without the need for a liner.

Linerless label printers

Our range of linerless label printers is designed to handle this specific labeling method. These printers ensure precise, sharp, and reliable prints on linerless labels, which is crucial for efficient labeling.

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Label software

In addition to labels and label printers, Delfi Technologies also provides the necessary software for designing and setting up linerless labels.

Delfi Technologies collaborates with Seagull Scientific on the innovative BarTender® label software. With BarTender label software, you can avoid errors and optimize your print jobs. This solution allows you to easily and conveniently design your shipping labels, price tags, and many other types of labels.

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