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Our barcode solutions, which link to Android & Windows handheld terminals / PDA's, are the result of more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, we have fulfilled many customers' warehouse and work process optimisation needs. Delfi Technologies delivers a scalable solution that requires only minimal maintenance. We also offer service and support throughout the process. Delfi Technologies is determined to supply the best solutions. Our work is based on strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals and in-house software development. 

Delfi Technologies can help you when your solution needs to be Android or Windows based. We can also help you when you need fast, intuitive and robust handheld terminals/PDA's for the warehouse, store, etc. Contact our specialist to hear how Delfi Technologies can help you reach the next level:



Handheld terminal solutions no longer need to be a complex solution that requires major investment considerations.
In the past, a handheld terminal solution was primarily intended for larger, well-established companies with a size that requires complex systems to keep track of inventory, order management and logistics. But now it has become possible to acquire a cloud-based handheld terminal solution - all the way down to a single terminal with a subscription solution from Delfi Technologies.



Delfi Mobile Warehouse

Delfi Mobile Warehouse is our proprietary software solution for Android devices designed to meet the need for inventory counting.



Delfi Icons

Delfi Icons is Delfi Technologies’ intuitive software solution for handheld terminals, providing full control of your goods while saving time, efforts and costs - design your own application.



Need an Android solution?

At Delfi Technologies, we are specialist in design and development of intuitive Android solutions for different purposes. We offer Android solutions that cover the most common work tasks, but we can also help with a customized software solution.


Android zero-touch

Configuring all your devices to match your needs, can be challenging and time-consuming. Android zero-touch makes it fast, easy and secure to set up all your devices. Create a default configuration, and avoid setting up all your devices manually. Delfi Technologies is official Android zero-touch partner.



Get a Delfi Service Agreement

Delfi Service Agreement is an insurance of your hardware. It eliminates any unexpected costs if an accident occours. 



SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and IoT management, regardless if the device is a old WinCE or a new Android terminal, PDA, phone or computer.



Whether scanners in the warehouse, or tablets on the retail floor, Avalanche helps maintain control of your most critical mobile deployments – keeping them secure, available, and accessible.



Moving to Android is easy - deploy Android in retail and supply chain operations and break free from keyboard-based mobile devices.


Delfi EasyScan

Delfi EasyScan is a software solution aimed at the healthcare service. The solution secures the patient's treatment from admission to discharge. 


RFID solutions

Delfi Technologies also develops software solutions based on RFID technology. 


Hire a stock count kit

Delfi Technologies offers the possibility of renting out a suitcase containing a handheld terminal solution.

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