Breece Enterprise

Manage and update all your stores centrally

With Breece Enterprise you get the enterprise architecture with a centralized management of your stores. Manage and update electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) in your stores – directly from your HQ / central location. Breece Enterprise is designed to be centrally managed from a remote location to eliminate the need for software and servers in each store. All software is installed at your HQ and connects to your stores through a wireless ESL communicator, delivering a true 2-way communication between your ERP / other data sources and the electronic shelf labels.

Keay Features:

Centralized management

With Breece Enterprise you can manage and update your electronic shelf labels and Vision – digital signage solution with new software, data or layouts in all stores right from the moment you have installed Breece – all within few seconds, from your HQ / central location.

Scaleable environment

Breece Enterprise eliminates the burden and cost of deploying and maintaining software in each store, creating a fully scalable environment that grows as your business grows.

Smooth operation – easy to manage

Through a smooth operation and centralized management of your store network, Breece Enterprise adds value for your business while being easy to manage and providing more time for customer and value-added work.

Deep integration to your ERP-system

Get a deep integration to your own ERP system / other data source using a standard RESTAPI web service. Achieve full control over your Breece Enterprise solution by using the API to update your products and prices, link/unlink products to electronic shelf labels, handle errors, and ask the system about the status of a specific product / label … You can even get a preview of the exact information displayed at the shelf.