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Vision - the connected digital signage solution

Digital signage supermarket

Vision is our digital signage solution, enabling you to boost sales by highlighting products and prices on TVs. The Vision add-on is a dynamic solution for retailers that want to fully digitalize their store.

The Vision solution enables you to manage in-store TVs as if they were electronic shelf labels. Vision is ideal for replacing paper posters at the end of aisles , in fruit and vegs departments, at entrances - or simply any place you want to create some extra awareness.

Connected to your ERP or other data sources

Vision is fully integrated in Breece and connected to your central ERP and other data sources. New information will automatically be pushed to the TVs when you change prices or product information in your ERP system.

Create pre-customized templates in Breece Designer - an intuitive application with
drag and drop functionality for design and layout.

Key Features:

  • Improved visibility of promotions in strategic locations
  • Elimination of the paper and time consuming work that comes with paper posters
  • Direct link to your central ERP and other data sources
  • Easy ”scan and link” function - add products to the TV
  • Complete layout and design flexibility
  • Plug and play, easily installed


How Vision digital signage works

The Vision digital signage solution delivers a true in-store communication solution. Adding products and promotions to the TV's is simply done by using the Breece Go app to scan / link a product. The digital signage TV's will automatically be linked with product information from your ERP system or other data sources.


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