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Handheld terminals

Handheld scanners, PDA's and associated software are a part of the Delfi DNA. Our barcode solutions are the result of more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, we have fulfilled many customers' warehouse and work process optimisation needs. Delfi Technologies delivers a scalable handheld solution that requires only minimal maintenance. Our work is based on strong partnerships with the leading manufacturers of handheld terminals combined with our own in-house software development. We also offer the service and support you need throughout the process. 


What is a barcode? Which barcode should I choose? How does a barcode work? Get answers to all your questions in this barcode guide.


Software til lagerstyring og logistik

We provide handheld terminals for all industries

Regardless of whether you are working at a hospital or on a construction site, you may need to keep track of data. For example, at the hospital, it is very important to be able to identify the concerned patient and ensure that he/she gets the proper treatment. With a handheld terminal or PDA, this work can be systematized for the benefit of both staff and patient.

Are you working on a construction site, you may need to take notes and at the same time scan barcodes on products. With a mobile handheld terminal or PDA, you get all the options, since you are getting a small handheld computer… The DELFI PM85 is a good example of a powerful PDA. It can run on both Android and Windows and has a powerful processor that facilitates your work.

Accessories for handheld terminals

In addition to our handheld terminals, we also have a wide selection of optional equipment and accessories. At Delfi Technologies we will also help you find what you need. Maybe you are looking for an extra charger? Here you can find the DELFI PM85, SINGLE SLOT USB CRADLE with USB cable inclusive. Thus, you are always sure to be charged up.

If you need to charge more than one handheld terminal battery at once, it can also be arranged. With the DELFI PM85, 4 SLOT BATTERY CHARGER you get a charger, where there is room for four handheld terminal batteries at a time. It is especially suitable for those places in the industry, where handheld terminals are used a lot. In such cases, there may be a need for charging more than one handheld terminal or PDA at a time.

Get a service agreement

If you are considering investing in one or more PDAs or handheld terminals, you might consider signing a service agreement. With a service agreement, you will get all spare parts costs covered, so you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses... At Delfi Technologies we are experts repairing handheld terminals, and you can be sure that we do it as soon as possible so you get the maximum uptime on your handheld terminal.

Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the service agreement's content and price. The price depends on the equipment you buy. If you have any questions or need help with choosing a handheld terminal, you are also very welcome to contact our counselors on phone 70 222 555 or mail [email protected]

SOTI MobiControl – MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Delfi Technologies has a close partnership with SOTI, which is the leading provider of MDM (Mobile Device Management). SOTI MobiControl gives you an overview of all your devices and lets you manage them centrally, regardless of the devices' operating system. MobiControl also ensures the devices against viruses and encrypts all data, so intruders can’t intercept it.

Handheld terminals from the leading manufacturers

In addition to our own range of low-priced handheld terminals, we provide terminals from Datalogic, Zebra and Honeywell. Datalogic is a global technology leading company with more than 45 years of experience in the field of automatic data collection and process automation. Zebra is also a global manufacturer with 6.500 employees in more than 100 countries. Honeywell is also a well-known brand and offers handheld computer devices to both small businesses and large enterprises. Our close cooperation enables us to offer your business a proven and versatile range of handheld terminals.