Andersen Motors: Digital ankomstregistrering sparer tid og penge

Digital registration of cars saves time and money at Andersen Motors

Andersen Motors (Suzuki Car Import Denmark) imports 10,000-12,000 Suzuki cars every year and distribute them to the local dealer network in Denmark. All cars are provided with a barcode, followed by a digital barcode solution that keeps track of the car's entire journey - from arrival to delivery. It provides a faster and better workflow at the car importer. 

At the headquarter in Køge, 48 employees handle the import of Suzuki cars at Andersen Motors. The Suzuki cars are imported from four countries - Japan, India, Hungary and Thailand. With preparation of up to 12,000 cars on a yearly basis, there is a great need to follow the journey of the care at Andersen Motors - from arrival to delivery. It is a crucial factor for the support and service to the Danish dealers.

Tracking the journey of the car

Back in 2011, Andersen Motors replaced paper with a digital registration of a car's journey using a barcode solution from Delfi Technologies. The barcode solution makes it possible to control and very accurately follow all the cars - from arrival to delivery. To ensure a constant overview of both available and unavailable parking spots for the cars, a large monitor has been placed in the preparation department, where the staff, via a clear dashboard, can get a quick overview of the entire parking space.

- When the cars enter the preparation process, they all get a unique parking spot. We get a lot of cars through the system and therefore we need a good overview of all the cars. On the monitor, we can quickly get an overview of the available parking spots - they are marked with green. Likewise, the occupied ones are marked with red. This gives us the necessary overview, explains Lars Nielsson, preparation man at Andersen Motors.

"There are a many options available for streamlining workflows using barcode and scanner solutions. We really wanted to be prepared for the future and it was a huge step for us when we replaced the paper with a digital solution."
Erik Jensen, System Administrator, Andersen Motors.

New platform strengthens effectiveness

The technological development has moved distinctly since 2011 when Andersen Motors replaced the paper with a digital solution. Therefore, in 2018, Andersen Motors took the decision to upgrade their solution. It was now time to upgrade the existing barcode solution to a newer and more future-proof platform. 

- There are a many options available for streamlining workflows using barcode and scanner solutions. We really wanted to be prepared for the future and it was a huge step for us when we replaced the paper with a digital solution. Now, we take another step and have chosen to upgrade our barcode solution to a newer solution. A solution where we always are online, using new barcode scanners that work as a SmartPhone with sim cards, says Erik Jensen, System Administrator at Andersen Motors.

Lars Nielsson supplements: 

- We looked for a solution where we could include the whole area. With the new scanners and the sim card solution, we always have network coverage and can instantly update the status of a car. When we receive the cars from overseas countries in Frihavn (Copenhagen), we can now make a registration directly at the location. We could also do that before, but we were dependent on WiFi coverage to send and update the information. Now that all barcode scanners have sim cards, we can avoid waste-time and get the system updated immediately.

Android software hos Andersen Motors

When the cars arrive at Andersen Motors from the manufacturers, barcodes may be unclear or damaged after the long transport, where the cars may have been on a ship exposed to all kinds of weather. The new barcode scanners are far better and can scan even damaged barcodes, says Lars Nielsson:

- Our new barcode scanners are of better quality and are much more effective. Even if the barcode is of poor quality or damaged, we can still scan it. In addition, we can also scan barcodes through the car windows where the paper with the car details and a unique barcode is placed.

From supplier to trusted business partner

From the very beginning, Andersen Motors needed the right sparring for the project, daily challenges and creating the right barcode solution. Therefore, the partnership between Andersen Motors and Delfi Technologies has turned from the traditional customer / supplier relationship into sparring between two partners.

- It is very important for us that everything works. Our dealers rely on us. The cooperation with Delfi Technologies gives us peace of mind. They are there if something should be fixed, concludes Lars Nielsson.

About Andersen Motors

Andersen Motors is a Suzuki cars importer for the Danish dealer network, consisting of 78 dealers. At the headquarter in Køge, 48 employees handle the daily operation and car preparation. In addition to a large preparation station, the facilities also include a large spare part warehouse and own service department with technicians and specialists. Every year, 10-12,000 cars go throughout the preparation process.


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