Ny løsning øger effektiviteten på lageret hos Løbeshop.dk - Delfi

New solution increases the efficiency in the warehouse at Løbeshop.dk

In February 2019, Løbeshop moved into newly renovated premises with more space in the old Trelleborg wheel factory in Hadsten. In the same connection, process optimization came on the agenda. Among other things, a new scanning system for order picking has been implemented - and has created greater efficiency in the warehouse.

With Scandinavia's largest selection of running gear, shoes, heart rate watches, accessories and much more, 140.000 packages leave Løbeshop's warehouse to be delivered to customers in primarily Denmark, Norway, and Sweden on an annual basis. The company experiences a solid growth and has great ambitions to grow further. Most recently, the Netherlands and England have appeared on the map and have resulted in an expansion of the webshop. Løbeshop has the ambition to create a strong position in the European market within running equipment.

After a thorough renovation, Løbeshop has moved the company's office and warehouse into the former Trelleborg wheel factory in Hadsten, just outside Aarhus in Denmark. However, Løbeshop uses just over 3000 m2 of the entire building’s size, which in total covers 7000 m2. The vacant square footage will be used to establish a business community, consisting of internet-based companies, where Løbeshop will offer attractive leases to digital business owners. 

"The new scanners are part of our strategy to become even more efficient. When we can optimize processes, we can save time and eventually we can deliver packages faster to our customers. In this way, we can create greater efficiency for everybody."
Rolf Mørkøre Andersen, co-owner of Løbeshop.dk

Process optimization provides faster order picking

In connection with the new premises, Løbeshop also wanted to make the most of the extra space. Therefore, process optimization came on the agenda as an important focus area, explains Rolf Mørkøre Andersen, who owns Løbeshop.dk together with his two siblings, Sarah Andersen and Jonas Mørkøre Andersen, as well as his father Ruben Mørkøre Andersen:

- We have a wide network of colleagues in the e-commerce industry and are constantly in dialogue when it comes to running business and optimizing processes. In connection with Black Friday this year, we wanted to be able to send packages more efficiently. Therefore, we looked for a solution within our network. We were recommended to implement ring scanners in the warehouse to make it possible for the warehouse staff to keep their hands free while picking goods and handling packages.

The new solution was implemented just in time for Black Friday, which made the process of shipping goods both faster and simpler.

Digital transformation must create greater efficiency

The new solution has opened the possibilities of operating a warehouse more efficiently. Today, large parts of the warehouse at Løbeshop is manually operated. But the new hand scanning system is part of a transformation in the company where small and large processes need to be optimized.

- The new scanners are part of our strategy to become even more efficient. When we can optimize processes, we can save time and eventually we can deliver packages faster to our customers. In this way, we can create greater efficiency for everybody, says Rolf Mørkøre Andersen.

About Løbeshop.dk

Løbeshop.dk was established in 2005. The founder and current director, Jonas Mørkøre Andersen, saw the possibilities of selling running shoes online. Today, Løbeshop.dk is owned and run by the Andersen family with its head office in Hadsten, which houses 35 talented employees. The range of goods has changed over time so that it is not only just running shoes today, but almost all running equipment for the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets.


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