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Spar merchant beats all records

The local Spar grocery store in Klitmøller (Denmark) has grown and has over the past year made a massive million investment in a comprehensive modernization of the store. With almost a doubling of the store area and the introduction of new food concepts, the ambition is to become the preferred shopping place in the local area.

At Spar in Klitmøller, the owner, Mikael Konradsen, has created extraordinary results - something that in 2018 also has given him a nomination for the prestigious international FMI Award, which is awarded each year by the American Food Marketing Institute. Throughout 16 years as an independent Spar grocery store in Klitmøller, Mikael Konradsen has tripled the turnover and increased the number of employees from 15 to 25. Today, Klitmøller is also an important part of the city's development.

In the recent years, there has been a growth in the number of permanent residents in Klitmøller. In the same period, there has been a positive development on the tourist front. This development also places a greater demand to the shopping options, which is the main driver behind the local Spar merchant’s nearly 10 million DKK investment.

- The growth in the number of year-round residents and tourists has changed the requirements for local shopping options. We have now gained more shopping space and the store expansion helps to meet the needs of the customers, says the merchant, Mikael Konradsen, who runs the Spar store in Klitmøller.

"We listen to our customers and, as far as possible, we try to meet their wishes for new products. The combination of this and the use of electronic shelf labels provides an even better shopping experience."
Mikael Konradsen, Merchant at SPAR Klitmøller

Electronic shelf labels and a better shopping experience

Since 2003, Mikael Konradsen has continuously expanded the store, which also has implemented electronic shelf labels in order to make sure that the prices in the store always are updated. At the same time, new offers can be executed quickly without the need for manual work from the staff. With the most recent - and much larger investment - also follows a clear store layout with more space between the shelves and several new food concepts. All of this is something that will give the customers a better shopping experience.

- The recent years' development in Klitmøller also places new demands on special goods at the shelves. We listen to our customers and, as far as possible, we try to meet their wishes for new products, so in the end, we also try to get the new products at the shelves. The combination of this and the use of electronic shelf labels provides an even better shopping experience, says Mikael Konradsen.

The million-investment works - the radical rebuilding has resulted in incredible growth, which already can be seen on the turnover figures of the modernized Spar grocery store, which was open for shopping during the entire renovation.

- I can see great progress compared to last year, especially in areas such as fruit and vegs, meat and beer, wine and spirits. We have also worked hard to make it happen,” concludes Mikael Konradsen.

About Spar

SPAR is one of the Dagrofa Group's local retail chains and today consists of 138 stores throughout Denmark. The SPAR stores are primarily owned and operated by independent merchants. In addition, Dagrofa also owns some SPAR stores. The SPAR merchant cherishes the local and is the meeting point in the local community. Internationally, SPAR is represented in 50 countries and comprises more than 12,000 stores.


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