Dagrofa: Delfi Technologies er årets leverandør

Dagrofa announces Delfi as supplier of the year

Dagrofa announces Delfi Technologies as Supplier of the Year

Dagrofa had gathered 70 suppliers and Dagrofa’s management at its headquarter in Ringsted to crown the suppliers of the year in the group purchasing. The choice fell on Delfi Technologies, which delivers innovative hard- and software solutions. The two Division Directors, Michael Jørgensen and Sten Johansen, represented Delfi at the supplier event in Ringsted and humbly accepted the prestigious recognition.

The reasons for choosing Delfi Technologies, were the following:

  • Revenue growth of 50% in 2016 within existing areas of cooperation
  • A good and reasonable cooperation
  • Always good dialogue and mutual respect and understanding
  • Guaranteed volume from Dagrofa and guaranteed lower prices from Delfi Technologies

- We have now collaborated for several years and know each other very well. I feel that, together, we have achieved the goals and ambitions we have set ourselves over the years and I think we will continue to set the bar high for future goals, and as before, actually reach them, says Sten Johansen, who is one of the Division Directors at Delfi Technologies.

New technology started cooperation
The cooperation between Dagrofa and Delfi started back in 2012. It began with the supply of electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, which at that time was the latest technology in retail, for several of Dagrofa's stores. Since then, the cooperation developed so, that Delfi has delivered more than 1 million electronic shelf labels, mobile computers with software and POS hardware for all of Dagrofa's 550 stores.

- When Dagrofa chose to give Delfi this recognition, it was based on an extremely good cooperation and mutual understanding, which was also emphasized by the award. Based on our very broad business area and thus very differentiated needs, so it is critical that our suppliers have an understanding and ability to translate this into our cooperation, says Michael Celta, who is IT Purchasing Manager at Dagrofa. 


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