Labelsoftware opmærker tusindvis af smykker hos Aqua Dulce

Label software marks thousands of jewelries at Aqua Dulce

Each month the Danish jewelry brand, Aqua Dulce, produces and delivers thousands of jewelries for their wholesale customers, as well as their web shop customers. With a large product range, and many shipments, picking and stock errors can easily occur, which ultimately can cost the company both money and resources. Therefore, they have implemented a complete label and barcode solution, which now creates the necessary overview.  

Janne Lisberg Fisker founded the jewelry brand, Aqua Dulce, 17 years ago. She both designs, sells, and has an overview of the thousands of pieces of jewelry, which are sold in Scandinavia and around Europe – and she always has a sharp and detail-oriented eye on all processes, which preferably should be run as flawlessly and efficiently as possible.

"To create a better overview of our thousands of item numbers, I needed a detailed barcode label with adequate product information."
Janne Lisberg Fisker, owner of Aqua Dulce

Large product range demands a sharp overview – also for the customers

Because of this, a need suddenly arose for a better product overview; she needed barcodes and labels on her jewelry bags. Therefore, she proactively explored the possibilities of implementing barcode labels on all products. In her eager search, she found Delfi Technologies after getting barcodes from GS1.

Delfi Technologies quickly guided her in the direction of BarTender Label software as well as a label printer, Citizen CL-E321, and associated labels. The sharp jewelry designer had already designed the look of the label herself, which she wanted for the small plastic bags, containing jewelry, which is sent to the brand’s wholesale customers.

 - To create a better overview of our thousands of item numbers, I needed a detailed barcode label with adequate product information; both for our own sake, and our customers’ sake, tells Janne Lisberg Fisker, owner of Aqua Dulce.  

Label software automates processes and minimizes errors

To design and develop the perfect label for Aqua Dulce’s needs, they have invested in the efficient label software, BarTender Automation Edition through Delfi Technologies. This edition automates the whole process, from inserting the right information and the barcode on the label to the label printer printing the special labels, which are then ready to mark the jewelry bags.

Janne just needs to have all the product information, as well as barcodes, in an excel sheet, which she can then print directly to get the special labels. The excel sheet is set up for the BarTender label software, which uses information and adapts the label to them.

 - Our label solution minimizes, among other things, picking errors as we are now able to differentiate the products, sizes, and colors. Earlier, we only had a small paper label with item numbers on our bags, and typing errors could easily occur in our systems, as the 4-digit item numbers could look like each other, Janne tells.

About Aqua Dulce

Aqua Dulce is a Danish jewelry brand established in 2004. Aqua Dulce designs and produces jewelry in precious metals. The aesthetic expression is simple and clean, and the design follows the trends. Aqua Dulce has 350+-400 wholesale customers including a webshop.


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