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24/7 self-service saves time and increases customer satisfaction at Electro Energy

The technical wholesale company, Electro Energy, has introduced a 24/7 self-service solution, which allows customers to pick up spare parts around the clock - all year round. It is a warehouse solution that has been developed in collaboration with Delfi Technologies.

At Electro Energy, the customer's needs are part of every kind of process, internal as well as external, and this has been a major reason to the success of the company. Today, the company embraces many different industries. Smoke-based laboratory services, technical training and spare parts for the energy industry, are some of the areas.

Spare parts for energy solutions are part of the core business at Electro Energy. A newly developed 24/7 self-service solution allows customers to come and pick up spare parts around the clock - all year round. This means that there is no longer a need to wait for a guard to come and open the shop, outside of business hours. Therefore, the customer also doesn't have to pay the security fee, saving both time and money. The shop solution has been developed in collaboration with Delfi Technologies based on the specific process needs and requirements that were defined at Electro Energy during project start-up.

- Customers are so satisfied with our 24/7 support. They can now come and pick up spare parts when the need arises, without having us to come and open the shop – even if it should be in the middle of the night. We save a lot of time and driving, so we are very pleased with the solution that Delfi Technologies has developed together with us, says Thomas Rasmussen, a store clerk at Electro Energy in Glostrup.

"After introducing 24/7 self-service, we can see significant gains. The customers are satisfied as they save both time and money in the process of picking up spare parts."
Christian Gulløv, adm. director at Electro Energy

Far greater productivity for all people in the logistics process

The new self-service solution offers customers 24/7 availability and has provided a faster and more efficient collection of spare parts. Customers enter the store via a key chip, the same key chip is scanned at the self-service station. It is a solution that contributes to increased productivity for both employees and customers, with a significant optimization of the logistics process, explains CEO Christian Gulløv:

- After introducing 24/7 self-service, we can see significant gains. The customers are satisfied as they save both time and money in the process of picking up spare parts. We have also gained a big profit on the staff side since we don't have to drive out and open our shop, now that the customer can come and pick up goods 24 hours a day.

In addition to the software for the self-service solution, Delfi Technologies has also supplied the other components of the 24/7 solution, which consists of a self-service station with a robust POS PC (model: Fly-tech K769). The customer signs in on the PC with a key chip, where an integration to the key chip database, automatically reads the customer's information and prepares for product scan. The customer then scans the goods in question with a barcode scanner (model: DelfiScan C90) and finally, Electro En-ergy gets notified when an order has been received. The customer will also receive a receipt on the corresponding receipt printer (part: Bixolon SRP-350PlusIII) and an electronic invoice sent by mail.

A parallel digitization project at Electro Energy is efficient inventory counting, which was also done in collaboration with Delfi Technologies. By replacing paper with a digital solution, Electro Energy has gone from weeks to hours in the process of stock counting and subsequent adjustment of differences. Both development projects have been agile processes in close collaboration with Electro Energy based on an analysis of needs at start-up, graphic draft approval, ongoing testing, training, delivery and installation.

About Electro Energy

Electro Energy has provided Denmark with heat since 1964. From the morning bath to the evening coffee. At the beginning with machines as big as tanks. Today with high-performance boilers, solar panels, and heat pumps. Electro Energy covers Denmark from east to west, with branches in Glostrup, Aalborg and Kolding. With five warehouse locations, Electro Energy today has one of Denmark's largest stocks of spare parts.


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