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Breece Mobile - we take the solution to the shelf

Our philosophy is simple. We want to take the solution to the shelf and not the shelf to the solution - Breece Mobile is an essential part of this.

The Breece Mobile application runs on a handheld terminal in the store giving staff the ability to control their solution directly from the store. It has never been easier to remerchandise your store. All your daily work with the solution is done at the shelf - linking, unlinking, reordering, etc.

Breece Mobile handles electronic displays

Breece Mobile is fully supported in both 'Breece On-Premises' and 'Breece Cloud', supporting both electronic shelf labels and our dynamic solution for TVs, Breece Vision.

Your benefits:

  • Control your solution at the shelf where your customers are
  • Use Breece Mobile for simple assignment of new products
  • Easy-to-use tool for quick remerchandising


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