Cyberport: Implements ESL solution from Delfi Technologies

Cyberport implements ESL solution from Delfi Technologies

E-commerce retailers with omnichannel service face great demands for updated product information in all channels. This also applies to German Cyberport, which is one of Europe's largest consumer electronics retailers with more than 45.000 products. For an omnichannel retailer with such a large product range, it means that there also is a great need to keep products and prices constantly updated. Price accuracy is therefore one of the primary drivers for introducing electronic shelf labels at Cyberport.

Today, 15 Cyberport stores have implemented the Breece System ESL solution from Delfi Technologies. Cyberport installed the first store with ESL back in 2010. Since then, the ESL technology has changed and Cyberport is now implementing the latest ESL technology in all its stores. The first Cyberport store to install the new Chroma (3-color) displays is located in Munich.

"For Cyberport, electronic shelf labels means that we always have updated information about products and prices in all of our channels. It is almost a necessity for a significant player in a competitive market."
Gerhard Poppenberger, Head of Stores, Cyberport

Partnership with Delfi Technologies

Together with Delfi Technologies, Cyberport will update all existing installations to the new ESL technology. The next store will be Cyberport in Nürnberg and over the next time, the remaining stores will also be updated.

Gerhard Poppenberger Cyberport

Gerhard Poppenberger, Head of Stores, Cyberport

About Cyberport
Cyberport is one of the most successful distributors of computer technology and digital consumer electronics in Europe. Since its foundation in 1998, Cyberport has grown into an online retailer with more than 45,000 branded laptops, Apple products, smartphones and TV products. 


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