Billetten til en oplevelse vildere i Knuthenborg Safaripark

The ticket to an experience wilder in Knuthenborg Safari Park

Knuthenborg Safari Park has grown in recent years in terms of opportunities for experiences. The same applies to collaboration with companies and organizations that play a significant role in the flow of guests to the park by using free tickets and vouchers that the park manages and prints itself.

In savannah tents, built on piles two meters above the ground, it is now possible to spend the night among giraffes and rhinos in Knuthenborg Safari Park. It is just one of many steps to give customers a different and wilder experience out of the ordinary. With more than 325,000 visitors, 2018 became a record year for Knuthenborg Safari Park following the opening of the Dinosaur Park - an area with more than 20 lifelike dinosaurs in realistic proportions, which is also the park's largest investment ever.

But it doesn't stop there. In addition to the wild experiences, Knuthenborg Safari Park also puts a lot of effort into cooperating with a large number of companies and organizations. The park collaborates with, among others, Lalandia, Bonbonland, FDM, Molslinjen, Coop and various cottage rental companies.

Collaborations can provide access to free tickets, vouchers, etc., which can be used to enter the park. The park prints tickets themselves and almost 10,000 of them are used a year.

- There must be a carrot for the customer when we enter into a collaboration with a company. We can see that it works when we give a physical free ticket or discount voucher - it's especially a hit with the kids and it's always the kids who are allowed to hand them over in ticket control, says Simon Westen, sales and operations manager at Knuthenborg Safari Park.

"We need to be able to control our ticket solution for different purposes ourselves. We have had pre-printed tickets designed with our logo and design on so that we can keep a reoccurring theme and the customers can recognize us."
Simon Westen, sales- and operations manager at Knuthenborg Safari Park.

Good customer experiences are crucial

The majority of the park's guests come from Denmark, either with or without a season pass. However, with the park's growth and new investments, there has also been significant growth in tourism, where visitors from Germany and Sweden, particularly find the park attractive. The new experiences pay off and it's noticeable on the customers, explains Simon Westen:

- The tourists are pouring in and we are experiencing great growth. But we also make a determined effort to create good customer experiences every single day. The first thing we look at when we arrive is the weather forecast. That way, we can personalize the experience and create success, even if the weather is bad that day.

Fribilletter til Knuthenborg Safaripark

According to Simon Westen, collaboration with businesses and the wide range of visitors also create a need to continuously offer different types of tickets to the visitors with the help of a ticket solution provided by Delfi Technologies:

- We need to be able to control our ticket solution for different purposes ourselves. We have had pre-printed tickets designed with our logo and design on so that we can keep a reoccurring theme and the customers can recognize us. Before we print the tickets, we simply adjust the corresponding text according to which company or competition it may concern.

In addition to pre-printed tickets, the solution from Delfi Technologies consists of a Citizen CL-S521 label printer, which is used to print the desired text on the tickets.

About Knuthenborg Safaripark

Knuthenborg Safaripark is an animal park on the estate Knuthenborg on the north coast of Lolland and is one of Denmark's most visited tourist attractions. The safari park is Northern Europe's largest safari park, and has more than 1000 animals distributed in about 70 animal species. The park is owned and operated by Christoffer Knuth, who is the current county lord of Knuthenborg.


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