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Modern food market is ready for the future

In mid-November 2019, MENY Viby Sjælland and the experienced grocer Hans Olesen could welcome a modern food market, which now is ready for the future after million-class renovation project.

When you visit MENY Viby Sjælland, you arrive to a food market which has been upgraded with new interior and a greater selection of products has been added to the range. The staff can also concentrate on serving and advising customers, as electronic shelf labels automatically update all prices on the goods.

- It is all about providing good service to make sure the customers will come back. With electronic shelf labels, we can work faster, which allows us to free up time for our staff – time that instead can be spend on serving customers and making the store look inviting, says Hans Olesen, who will soon celebrate his 40th anniversary as a grocer.

"With electronic shelf labels, we can work faster, which allows us to free up time for our staff – time that instead can be spend on serving customers and making the store look inviting".
Hans Olesen, købmand at MENY Viby Sjælland

Something for everyone

Many adjustments have been made to the assortment because the customer needs have changed over the past few years. Among other things, there is a greater demand for gluten-free and lactose-free products today. Vegan products have also got more space in the store.

- We must listen to our customers and follow their needs. That is why we constantly look at our product range and make sure we can offer something for everyone, says Hans Olesen.

For many customers, it is important that it is easy and fast to cook. Both when it comes to shopping and the cooking itself. Therefore, the delicacy has also got more space with a larger selection of ready-to-go dishes.

Good planning and renewal

With many years of grocery experience in the luggage, Hans Olesen is a very knowledgeable grocer, but he is also a grocer who keeps up with the trends and welcomes renewal in the store.

- When it comes to running a store, it is basically about good planning and renewal. With good planning, we can make sure that customers can find all the goods they need in one place - and then there should be staff ready to help them. Renewal helps to ensure that customers also come back again because they get a good shopping experience, explains Hans Olesen.

MENY is part of the Dagrofa grocery group. The majority of the Group's stores are operated by independent merchants. Nationwide, more than 200 Dagrofa stores (MENY, SPAR, Min Købmand and Let-Køb) have installed the Breece solution with electronic shelf labels.

About MENY

MENY is the whole of Denmark's new food market and is owned by Dagrofa together with the country's independent grocers. The chain consists of approx. 116 stores in Denmark and employ over 5,500 employees.


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