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Delfi reaches milestone: 200 Dagrofa stores

After 10 years of close cooperation with Dagrofa, Delfi Technologies has now reached a milestone of 200 Dagrofa stores that have installed our Breece solution with electronic shelf labels (ESL). It's the chains MENY, SPAR, Min Købmand and Let-Køb that use electronic shelf labels to ensure the correct price at the shelves. This minimizes price errors and releases time for other tasks in the store.

The first Dagrofa installation was made in 2010 with then SuperBest (today MENY) Østerfæled Torv at Østerbro in Copenhagen. Today, the latest Breece Cloud technology is being deployed to the stores. With Breece Cloud you don't have to install software locally in the store as you can manage the solution online. It provides a great flexibility in the daily operation of stores.



MENY Nordhavn

Electronic shelf labels helps Meny,
that has opened a new and modern food mecca,
as the setting standard for the future

Spar Teglholmen

Spar has opened its doors to a brand new store
with international concepts at Teglholmen
- also with electronic shelf labels.

Spar Klitmøller

Spar i Klitmøller has been growing and has
made a massive investment in the modernization
of the store - here electronic shelf labels help.

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