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Let us help you identify the solution you need to run your business smarter and maximize your profitability. From front to back, our range of solutions – with the right combination of hardware, software and services – provide innovation and business optimization, creating value for our customers.

Discover our innovative solution portfolio and find out how a Delfi solution has what it takes to stay ahead of the technology development in a constantly changing market with new trends arising all the time.

Our solutions are bundled in these 4 categories: Electronic Shelf Labels, Handheld Terminals, POS solutions and Print solutions. Get inspired here:


Breece System



Breece System is Delfi Technologies' in-store communication solution. Our dynamic solution portfolio with electronic shelf labels and Vision solution for in-store TV's drives profitability and creates a better customer experience.






Our barcode solutions, which link to handheld terminals, are the result of more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, we have fulfilled many customers' warehouse and work process optimisation needs.



POS Solutions



Give your customers the best buyer experience by choosing the optimal cash point (or point of sale, POS) solution. A simple and resilient POS solution is essential for any business.



Print Solutions



We offer a wide range of print solutions, whether it is large poster print or label print - altogether we have the hardware and software to meet your needs.





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