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Breece Enterprise: Manage and update all your stores centrally

With Breece Enterprise you get the enterprise architecture with a centralized management of your stores. Manage and update electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) in your stores - directly from your HQ / central location. Breece Enterprise is designed to be centrally managed from a remote location to eliminate the need for software and servers in each store. All software is installed at your HQ and connects to your stores through a wireless ESL communicator, delivering a true 2-way communication between your ERP / other data sources and the electronic shelf labels.

Breece enterprise solution

Key Features:

  • Centralized management
  • Less deployment time
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Easy to manage
  • Productivity everywhere
  • Off site data storage
  • Secure data management
  • Always up
  • Increased mobility
  • Shared resources


Centralized management

With Breece Enterprise you can manage and update your electronic shelf labels and Vision - digital signage solution with new software, data or layouts in all stores right from the moment you have installed Breece - all within few seconds, from your HQ / central location.

Scaleable environment

Breece Enterprise eliminates the burden and cost of deploying and maintaining software in each  stores , creating a fully scalable environment that grows as your business grows.

Smooth operation - easy to manage

Through a smooth operation and centralized management of your store network, Breece Enterprise adds value for your business while being easy to manage and providing more time for customer and value-added work.

Deep integration to your ERP

Get a deep integration to your own ERP system / other data source using a standard RESTAPI web service. Achieve full control over your Breece Enterprise solution by using the API to update your products and prices, link/unlink products to electronic shelf labels, handle errors, ask the system about a status on a specific  product / label ... You can even get a preview of the exact information displayed  at  the shelf.



Personalized value for all enterprise users

Right from service desk to marketing, the Enterprise solution creates persnonalized value for the different units within your organization.

Service desk:

  • Get alerts regarding infrastructure, data feed and display failures
  • Deploy new software configurations

Store owner:

  • Access statistics
  • Get a quick overview of system status

Staff / Employee:


  • Deploy new designs for displays from one central location
  • Make sure your design is identical in all stores


Breece Go app

Go full mobile with our Breece Go app, connected to your Cloud or Enterprise solution. Breece Go appallows the store to use its own mobile or tablet device to manage the Breece solution and electronic shelf labels directly at the shelf. Just download the app and you're ready to go.

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