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A wide range of handheld terminals - Android & Windows

Delfi Technologies has a wide range of Android & Windows handheld terminals at its disposal. Each handheld product contains different features depending on its purpose and the industry in question. Some models are suitable for use in branches with fluctuating temperatures, e.g. cool and cold storage, whereas others are extremely tough and designed to withstand conditions in warehouses and factories that shift large packages. Delfi Technologies also carries a range of truck terminals, i.e. mini-computers that make mobile work easier.

Delfi Technologies works closely with some of the leading brands of handheld terminals to ensure that our customers get high quality and up-to-date technology. Most handheld terminals contain several technologies, such as NFC, Wifi, 1- and 2D, Bluetooth, RFID and GSM. We at Delfi Technologies work with many manufacturers, including Zebra, Point Mobile, Datalogic, Opticon and Honeywell.

Delfi Technologies develops and supplies software for handheld terminals. Delfi Icons software is designed primarily for use in retail, warehousing/distribution, the healthcare sector and mobile workplaces (travelling fitters, etc.).

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