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Mobile tool creates efficient workflows at the Danish DIY chain Jem & Fix

As Denmark's only low-cost DIY chain, jem & fix focuses on minimizing the costs to ensure the lowest price for the customer. A collaboration with Delfi Technologies helps to make the daily tasks faster and more intuitive by using mobile handheld terminals.

With a position as Denmark's only low-cost DIY chain, it is crucial to run the stores as efficiently as possible in the jem & fix-chain. This is one of the reasons why jem & fix has implemented mobile handheld terminals and software from Delfi Technologies – as a tool to achieve greater efficiency in the stores.

In the stores, most of the tasks in the store area take place via mobile handheld terminals - a solution that helps the store associates to complete a wide range of administrative tasks. In this way, the store associates can handle important tasks directly at the handheld terminals – such receipt of goods, ordering, daily inventory, own consumption and impairment. Trough an information app, staff can also view information about a specific item, such as stock levels, regulate item numbers, print signs for the items, see when items are delivered to the warehouse, which stores nearby have the item in stock, etc.

"It is all about being able to use our resources as efficiently as possible. This can be done by using a mobile solution with handheld terminals. Through a close collaboration with Delfi Technologies, we have found the optimal solution with one tool."
Erik Laursen, IT & Project Manager at jem & fix.

- It is all about being able to use our resources as efficiently as possible. This can be done by using a mobile solution with handheld terminals. Through a close collaboration with Delfi Technologies, we have found the optimal solution with one tool to handle many different administrative tasks at the same time, explains Erik Laursen, IT & Project Manager at jem & fix.

Easier, faster and more intuitive

At jem & fix, the business model is closer to retail than a traditional DIY market. Therefore, jem & fix has previously made several retail-based adjustments in the chain's ERP system, ASPECT4, which is the system many DIY stores are using.

Over time, jem & fix recognized that there was a need to simplify the administration in the stores when it came to mobile work tools. At the same time, there was a need to future-proof the existing solution and make it more user-friendly. jem & fix has been using handheld terminals for more than 15 years, but with the new mobile devices from Delfi Technologies, the user interface has been lifted to a higher and more intuitive level, and without having to create all applications from the scratch as apps. This ensures a smooth transition from old equipment to new equipment.

- We have a low average age in our stores. That is one of the reasons why we have looked at how to equip the store associates with a tool that has a user interface that they know from their phones. Together with Delfi Technologies, we have found the right solution and it will make their daily tasks easier, faster and more intuitive, says Erik Laursen.

Erik Laursen's work is focused on business development. The operation of the stores must be handled efficiently and therefore, jem & fix is constantly looking at how to improve the workflow in the stores.   

Mobile Device Management - a central overview

Delfi Technologies has more than 30 years of experience within development of solutions for handheld terminal to help stores with inventory management. The manufacturer, Zebra, is known for providing competitive Enterprise solutions when it comes to mobile devices. A central MDM tool, SOTI MobiControl, has also been implemented to provide a central overview, configuration and deployment of software for the mobile devices.

In collaboration with Delfi Technologies and Zebra, jem & fix has found the proper Enterprise solution that ensures the necessary support and maintenance on an important work tool in the stores.

- For me and my team, it is about ensuring a smooth operation in the stores. The new system means a lot to us. In terms of support, it simplifies the administration and we can handle all the mobile devices centrally, concludes Erik Laursen.

Facts about the solution:

Jem & fix uses ASPECT4 as ERP solution. The handheld terminals (model: Zebra TC52) are linked directly to ASPECT4. This means that all the daily work in the stores can be done via the handheld terminals. Once registrations are made via the handheld terminals, the information is similarly passed on to ASPECT4.

In the past, jem & fix used an old-fashioned Windows Telnet software solution on the handheld terminals. This solution has been migrated to an online Android platform through Ivanti Velocity, which is a platform designed to migrate a specific app to Android or Windows 10.

In addition, SOTI MobiControl is used as MDM tool to manage the mobile devices centrally. Furthermore, as the handheld terminals are used in a harsh environment, a service agreement ensures that the stores can replace the mobile devices if an accident should occur.

About Jem & Fix

Jem & fix is a Danish, family-owned company headquartered in Vejle and more than 2100 employees spread across 121 stores in Denmark, 50 stores in Sweden and 5 stores in Norway. At jem & fix, the focus is on minimizing the costs to ensure the lowest price for the customer. For seven years in a row, PriceRunner has also voted jem & fix for Denmark's cheapest DIY market.


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