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Cyberport enhances customer experience

The leading consumer electronics retailer, Cyberport, has implemented electronic shelf labels from the IT company Delfi Technologies to enhance the customer experience across all channels.  

Cyberport is one of the biggest online retailers in Germany with a leading e-commerce platform that has more than 45.000 brand products within computer technology and digital entertainment.

In order to ensure a full omni channel experience across both its online and physical channels, Cyberport has implemented the cloud-based Breece System with electronic shelf labels (ESL) from Delfi Technologies, which also provides the ability to ensure a rapid synchronization of product and price information.

- Electronic shelf labels are a must for us. In today’s online world, customers have high expectations to products and pricing. They seek information and compare products like never before. Breece System and the cloud-based ESL solution is a game changer for us because we can launch new initiatives simultaneously, explains Nico Groeger, Team Leader of Store Administration at Cyberport.

"Since we started using the Breece ESL solution, we have managed to ensure price accuracy across our different store locations. We can more easily align prices and launch new promotions."
Nico Groeger, Team Leader of Store Administration, Cyberport

Faster response to competition

After having implemented the high-speed ESL solution, it is much easier and faster to align product information and prices online as well as offline since there is no delay - they happen at the same time at and in the physical stores. This means that Cyberport also can react more quickly to the competitive situation in the market.

- Since we started using the Breece ESL solution, we have managed to ensure price accuracy across our different store locations. We can more easily align prices and launch new promotions, says Nico Groeger.

The German-based Cyberport and Delfi Technologies GmbH have been working together for more than 10 years. Today, electronic shelf labels have been installed in 15 Cyberport stores.

Cyberport anvender elektroniske hyldeforkanter

New opportunities arise

According to Cyberport, the ESL solution provides many benefits when you want to be a leading retailer in a digital world. Most importantly, you get a future-proof platform that connects the e-commerce world together with your offline sales channels. But you also get a completely new level of flexibility with the Delfi solution as well as many new possibilities in relation to store operation.

- Today, we have a more flexible solution, which gives us a high level of new opportunities of what we can do to interact with our customers, as we are no longer dependent on paper and manual processes, Nico Groeger explains.

About Cyberport

Cyberport is one of the most successful retailers of computer technology and digital entertainment electronics in Europe. Since its foundation in 1998, Cyberport has developed into an omnichannel retailer with more than 45,000 brand products including notebooks, PCs, gaming, smartphones and smart home.


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