Shoe-D-Vision uses mobile PDA solution from Delfi Technologies

Mobile PDAs help with purchasing of shoes for millions

Shoe-D-Vision, a Danish-Norwegian shoe wholesaler with more than 200 Skoringen and Zjoo's shoe stores in the portfolio, sells over 2.9 million pairs of shoes every year. The stores are using mobile PDAs to ensure correct and efficient inventory management and ordering of goods - a solution that saves time and increases the productivity of the store associates.

At a leading shoe company, Shoe-D-Vision, wanted to upgrade an outdated IT solution used at internal exhibitions where stores attend to pre-order stock. Shoe-D-Vision needed a more efficient solution for inventory management that also could optimize the purchasing process and ultimately create a better customer experience in stores.

Additionally, Shoe-D-Vision wanted to reduce the paperwork, improve the information flow and increase the productivity of store associates. Therefore, a formal tender process was started in which various possible suppliers and potential solutions were evaluated.

After comparing various solutions, Shoe-D-Vision opted to work with its long-term partner Delfi Technologies. Working closely together with Shoe-D-Vision, Delfi Technologies has designed and developed a complete and real-time mobile solution that works in a retail environment.

"As we continue to develop our own software, we also wanted more professional, futureproof hardware. Zebra Technologies is known for its high-performance enterprise solutions and, together with Delfi, it provided an excellent service."
Asger Simonsen, Chief Information Officer at Shoe-D-Vision

Faster response and more efficient employees

The solution from Delfi Technologies consists of Zebra TC51 mobile PDAs that interface directly with Shoe-D-Vision's back office systems and their own in-house software - SHOEpda and SHOEshow. Delfi Technologies hosts and manage the entire Enterprise solution, which consists of SOTI MobiControl - a central tool that makes sure the mobile devices can be remotely configured, managed and updated. In addition to this, a service agreement (Delfi Premium) ensures quick response time in case something happens to the devices.

At Shoe-D-Vision's internal exhibitions, resellers and buyers now, directly on the day, pre-order items quickly and efficiently using SHOWshow and the mobile PDA. The stores can pre-order stock from over 25,000 items from all the many suppliers, saving time and reducing paperwork.

The stores are also using the mobile PDAs to access and process inventory with SHOEpda. Store associates can see current stock directly on the mobile PDA. In this way, the store staff can stay in the store with the customers, providing effective inventory control, store associates can work more productively. It is a solution that is both efficient and user-friendly, according to Asger Simonsen, Chief Information Officer at Shoe-D-Vision:

At Shoe-D-Vision we pride ourselves on being technology innovators. As we continue to develop our own software, we also wanted more professional, futureproof hardware. Zebra Technologies is known for its high-performance enterprise solutions and, together with Delfi, it provided an excellent service. Users love the TC51, citing its processing speeds, user-friendliness and screen size as key factors. Moving forward, we are looking into a lot of further uses for the TC51, including the omnichannel we will be launching; this will let our sales staff help customers place orders, in-store, at our web store, if the particular model is not available in the shop.

Shoe-D-Vision - an innovative shoe company

Shoe-D-Vision is constantly looking at optimization areas and is generally innovative when it comes to technology. Delfi Technologies and Shoe-D-Vision are therefore in dialogue about further applications and future digital initiatives. Zebra is also very proud of the solution that has been rolled out to Shoe-D-Vision in collaboration with Delfi Technologies. Jason Harvey, Vice President - Sales, Northern Region at Zebra Technologies, says:

Zebra Technologies has helped Shoe-D-Vision unlock the real-time operational visibility they need to make more informed decisions and provide a better overall shopper experience. Working with Delfi Technologies, we offer a solution that ultimately helps staff throughout the stores deliver faster professional service and improve their overall efficiency.

Delfi Technologies, founded in 1988, has six offices worldwide and more than 95 employees. It is an international software solution provider specializing in handheld terminals, POS and print solutions, and electronic shelf labels. Delfi offers full turnkey support and solutions to strict SLAs to customers in a wide range of industries, from retail, warehousing and healthcare to field service and office signage. Delfi is a Zebra Technologies Premier Partner.

About Shoe-D-Vision

Shoe-D-Vision is a Danish / Norwegian shoe group, founded in 1955 and today sells over 3.5 million. pair of shoes every year. Shoe-D-Vision consists of over 200 Skoringen and Zjoo's shoe stores in Denmark and Norway. The company is headquartered in Skødstrup, north of Aarhus, where approx. 40 employees perform all functions in relation to the stores' merchandise purchases, logistics, marketing, education, shop layout, merchandising and store IT and operational consulting.


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