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Elektroniske hyldeforkanter hos Bygg-Ole Nacka

XL-Bygg / Bygg-Ole i Sverige effektiviserar sina...

Med målet att spara tid och pengar har byggmaterialhandlaren Bygg-Ole i Stockholm implementerat lösningen Breece elektroniska hyllkantsetiketter som skall hjälpa byggmarknaden att effektivisera och frigöra tid för mer sälj

Elektroniska prisskyltar optimerar kundupplevels...

Hos Bauhaus i Tilst vid Århus blev det i slutet av 2017 implementerat elektroniska hyllkantsetiketter på mer än 40.000 varor.
Electronic Shelf Label ensure clear and accurate pricing

Breece Elektroniska hyllkantsetiketter säkrar ty...

När en koncern som BAUHAUS, med varuhus i hela Europa väljer att starta ett pilotprojekt i samarbete med Delfi Technologies, där vanliga pappersetiketter skall bytas ut mot elektroniska hyllkantsetiketter, ligger det helt i li
ESL helps DIY store and staff

Bygghandlare frigör tid för försäljning och kund...

Digitala erbjudanden och frekventa produktförändringar inklusive en mogen konsumentmarknad, är utmanande faktorer för bygg sektorn och tvingar bygghandlarna att tänker annorlunda för att vara både ef
Packages at centralware house at Solar Denmark

Complete control of packages at the central ware...

At Solar in Vejen (Denmark) a 45,000 m² automated central warehouse is located, using an advanced distribution system with high delivery safety.

Happy employees and better time for customer ser...

Imerco opens more and more stores under the new store concept Imerco Home. The interior design of the stores must be inspiring and electronic shelf labels play a crucial role in this new concept.
Biler hos Andersen Motors

Digital registration of cars saves time and mone...

Andersen Motors (Suzuki Car Import Denmark) imports 10,000-12,000 Suzuki cars every year and distribute them to the local dealer network in Denmark.
TOYS"R"US  Gentofte

TOP-TOY strengthens stores with digital initiati...

Electronic shelf labels and a price robot that monitors and scans competitors' prices online, are some of the digital initiatives that TOP-TOY implements to boost the stores and ensure competitiveness.
Beauty by Boozt på Købmagergade i København

Electronic shelf labels help in new ph...

The fashion giant has opened a new, big cosmetics store at Købmagergade in Copenhagen - the capital's center for shopping.
Cyberport Munich with electronic shelf labels

Cyberport implements ESL solution from Delfi Tec...

E-commerce retailers with omnichannel service face great demands for updated product information in all channels. This also applies to German Cyberport, which is one of Europe's largest consumer electronics retailers with more
Spar Greenland - part of Pisiffik

Electronic shelf labels leads to satisfied custo...

During 2018, Pisiffik – a Greenlandic retail chain, invests in customer - and employee satisfaction, when the traditional paper signs will be replaced by electronic shelf labels in 21 stores.
Gert Farup Lindquist - Eventyrsport

Electronic shelf labels help to convert visitors...

The time, that was previously spent on changing prices and marking up clothes and shoes at the adventure- and sports chain Eventyrsport, is now spend on customer service and advice.

Fleggaard optimizes warehouse and stores

In the central warehouse, mobile printers have been installed on trucks and stackers, and in Fleggaard's 17 stores there have been delivered PDAs to control all product registration - an upgrade that makes the overall busi

Electronic pricing - when effort pays off

In the winter of 2018, Johannes Fog Timber & Construction in Farum is ready for electronic price labels.
Elektroniske prisskilte hos XL-byg

Electronic pricing will release more time for cu...

In order to release more time for customer service while managing campaigns and prices on a whole different level, the CF Group, which is part of XL-BYG, decided to introduce electronic shelf labels with Delfi Technologies

Metropolitan pharmacy Munich Airport Center

Metropolitan - the pharmacy of the future in Mun...

A location located where the world meets puts great demands up on a pharmacy in order to reach an extraordinary service level
Rene Severinsen

Electronic signage in the supermarket and at the...

As a result of the electronic shelf labels that have been implemented in the majority of Dagrofa's supermarkets in Denmark, the concept has now expanded to include room signage at the office in Rings

PDA plays a crucial role in the digitization of...

Efficiency and ease-of-use were at the top prioritues when TOP-TOY, for just under two years ago, started a mass digitization project for the organization's 307 stores in Scandinavia.
3 butik - elektroniske hyldeforkanter

3 stores aim high and brands themselves digitall...

The tele company, 3, strongly focuses on the digital costumer experience and rolls out a new store concept in 3 stores all over the country.
NiceHair anvender elektroniske hyldeforkanter i deres frisørsalon og butik

Electronic shelf labels give costumers transpare...

Ensuring the same prices online and at the shelves in the physical stores can be a big challenge when you run a differentiated product strategy and want to offer customers a consistent experience and service across all channel
Kvickly Ry er first mover i detailbranchen med elektroniske hyldeforkanter

Supermarket in Denmark is first mover in the ret...

Kvickly Ry is first mover in the retail industry with electronic shelf labels, the e-supermarket OSUMA and much more
SkatePro København

Best B2C e-commerce company creates new opportun...

SkatePro - Scandinavia's largest online skateshop for scooters, roller skates and skate boards, was started in 1996 and has stores in both Århus and Copenhagen (Denmark).
Imerco testing new store concept with ESL

Electronic shelf labels create connection betwee...

Imerco A/S is Denmark's largest home and kitchen appliances chain with 156 stores by the end of 2017, distributed throughout the country and an annual sales turnover, including VAT of approx. 1.4 billion Danish kroner.
Source: POCO

Digital price tags at POCO

POCO uses ESLs: digital price tags benefit customers and employees.
Telia Danmark

Telia in Denmark merges physical stores and web...

New store concept with electronic price tags

IT solution gave a considerable profit - both ec...

IT solution gave a considerable profit 
Store managers rent their stocktaking solution

New handheld terminals speed up stocktaking

Store managers rent their stocktaking solutionNew handheld terminals speed up stocktaking and make good financial sense in the Dagrofa Group.
Electronic shelf labels help to profile store

Electronic shelf labels help to profile store

Breece System with electronic shelf labels helps to profile the store to Goecker’s customersGoecker has sold photo equipment to professionals, companies and institutions for more than 150 years.
Breece Systems automatisches Produktauszeichnungsystem schafft Zeit und Freiraum für intensive Beratungsgespräche mit den Kunden

Electronic shelf labels turn pharmacy into one o...

Rathaus Apotheke in St. Augustin: Clearly different from a chemist, delivering faster than the internet and offering a more flexible business than any large chain.
Warehouse system for better planning and fewer errors

Warehouse system for better planning and fewer e...

A taste of our own medicine with our warehouse system for better planning and fewer errorsDelfi Technologies' own warehouse system has made the flow of goods at the company much more transparent
Mit dem Breece System etikettiert Foto Koch seine Artikel elektronisch

Label items electronically with Breece System

Thanks to the Breece System, the photo retailer in Düsseldorf ‘Foto Koch’ can label its items electronically and always keep products up to dateCustomers of this business, located in the heart of the shopping district
Blurred boundaries between online and offline

Blurred boundaries between online and offline

Boundaries between online and offline are becoming blurred says Danish retailerThere is a growing trend for businesses to integrate their online universe with physical stores.
Electronic shelf labels at Danish Coop

Electronic shelf labels at Danish Coop

Danish Coop was the first European retailer to implement three-color electronic shelf labelsDelfi's Breece solution with electronic shelf labels has already been implemented in more than 300 Coo


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